Li Xiaobo – Results of 7 Marathons in 7 Continents Posted on February 7, 2018

By Tan Mariviv 


Picture 1 – (left to right) Mr Soon Chye, Dr Andreas Wenger, Coach Rameshon, Mr Li Xiaobo, and Tan Mariviv

Mr Li Xiaobo, from China, was recommended to Coach Rameshon by Mr Kelvin Wong. Earlier on, Mr Li was doing a coaching clinic given by Coach Rameshon and he picked up the technique and proper posture of running during the programme, which ran for 10 weeks, although he missed some. Usually, coach told that Mr Li was having a good and proper foot placement, and this could be a reason why he was not getting injury.

Before the World Marathon Challenge of 7 days of a marathon ran daily in separate continents, Mr Li was able to witness our Flexifitness super endurance athlete by the name of Dr Andreas Wenger finishing 3rd men open in 320km Super Endurance Challenge in 74hours. We took photographs together, as Mr Li told that the photo will be a motivation for him. 

A month to the World Marathon Challenge, I myself witness Mr Li doing 26km done within three and a half weeks of training. Coach Rameshon had told once that Mr Li was ready for the race, finally, before some days nearer to the competition. 

Yesterday, we only knew that Mr Li did 5hr 52min 12sec for the Miami Marathon, which was last in the series of the 7 marathons daily in different continents. Today, Mr Li has finally sent the full results of his 7 marathons completed. Total distance covered over seven days was 295.37km and the total time taken for the whole 7 marathon distance was 18hr 41min 22sec. The average time taken per marathon was 6hr 05min 54sec. Well done, Mr Li Xiaobo.


Picture 2 – Full World Marathon Challenge Timing and Position. 

Overall, Mr Li was ranked 27th and the results are as follows:

Antartica – 5hr 40min 27sec

Africa – 5hr 52min 07sec

Australia – 6hr 08min 54sec

Asia – 6hr 25min 56sec

Europe – 6hr 38min 28sec

South America – 6hr 03min 18sec

North America 5hr 52min 12sec