Lim Jit Imm – Passionate Man in Athletics Posted on January 9, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Motivator

Lim Jit Imm came to SAA  scene and his tenure was short lived. He became the Vice President of  Singapore Athletics in early 1990s.

Once, he called me to say that I was selected to run in Pune Marathon, India, 1990. I rejected the offer. He asked me,  “Why?” I told him, “All the runners selected have not done well and some gave up half-way. It is also not suitable for my plan. It is also mid-day of the day which is very hot to the start the race.” After my rejection of the race, he seemed angry.

Over a period of time, suddenly, Mr Lim called me again. He told me to consider Hong Kong Marathon in year 1990, February. Again, I told a no. He got angry, “Now I gave you a cold country to run, you do not want also.” After hearing this, I finally took up the offer.

Before the Manila South East Asian Games, 1991, Mr Lim told me to run in Asian Track and Field Championships in Kuala Lumpur.

I was asked to be the flag bearer for Singapore as Maran, 1500m runner, had to run immediately after the March past. Mr Lim also put me as the liaison person for all the athletes. Gladly, I did it for him and came to know the soft side of Mr Lim.

However, his hardworking ways were not appreciated by the association and that made Mr Lim to give up the post as Vice President for SAA, for training and selection.

Being a leader, although he went extra miles for many things, the other leaders turned a deaf ear to his deeds.

He was one of the rare Vice President for training and selection to do the best for Singapore.

I broke the national marathon record holder from Hong Kong Marathon, 1990. I attributed the earlier success to Mr Lim Jit Imm.

Edited by Tan Mariviv