Loughborough University : Mr Rameshon’s Stint (Part 2) Posted on October 31, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

Picture 1 – Photo taken by British Council

Note : It is good that a feedback came to me on the part 1. I was told to write in short summaries so that one can read immediately in 5-10min rather than 15 to 20min time. Therefore, I am going to keep part 2 and other subsequent parts short so that one is able to read faster. Another feedback that was given to me was on writing the time the next one will be out for the next part. The next part for tomorrow will be out at 11 30pm tomorrow,

Part 2 – Mr Rameshon Loughborough University Training Stint

The moment Mr Rameshon was in Loughborough, he joined the Loughborough University Athletics Club. Over time, he was given a vest to run and train. At that time, all he knew was to train on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays was tempo runs and Thursdays was moderate runs. In the first few weeks, Mr Rameshon was always at the back of the pack. Over time, he caught up and was faster than some of the runners there at that time. The route of the run for training was usually flat for the most parts of the run, except for some up and down hills that one will encounter, and it is usually on the tarmac.

Picture 2 – Mr Rameshon training principles comes from Exercise Physiology, after having studied at the University of Loughborough.

One day, Mr Rameshon was invited to run for the first time in League One Cross Country Championships and he came in 67 out of 90 odd runners. He had to run all the way fast and the competition was very stiff. Between 1989 and 1992, in Singapore, he was usually first position for distances between 5km and marathon. However, here, he was far behind. He was upset and decided to double up on his training. The Athletics Weekly printed all the detailed results of the cross country races, weekly.

He found that one of his friend, from Wales, was 47 position and it was found that he was Wales Junior champion in long distance. Another runner who was seen running in Loughborough University was Gary Lough. He was 44 position in the cross country race. The distance of the route was about 10km. It was found that Gary Lough was already representing England and was running against Steve Cram, former world record holder for 1500m, at that time. In one of the international track race Gary Lough defeated Steve Cram. Later on, the former, married Paula Radcliffe, who is at present the current world women record holder for marathon. At that time, Paula was a student there in Loughborough University.

Before the first ever cross country race experience, Mr Rameshon realised that he did not have any running friends, as his local friends were not that keen in competitive running. However, after the run, he befriended many friends who liked to run to compete, some were Irish, Welsh, British and Scottish athletes from Loughborough University.

Then, one day, at the running meeting at Loughborough Athletics Club (LAC), his friend Tim Dickinson introduced to him a fast runner, who was called Alan Guilder. The latter was the coach for Tim, at that time. Tim looked happy in being trained by Alan. Mr Rameshon decided to take Alan as his training partner to train in the morning, together with Tim.