Loughborough University : Mr Rameshon’s Stint (Part 3) Posted on November 1, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

Picture 1 – Loughborough University athletes are usually highly motivated athletes

Today, I got a positive feedback from an athlete. I saw a message written by our own Flexifitness male runner to Mr Rameshon that the former can’t wait for Part 3. This made me happy that the story that I am writing is able to increase a person’s motivation. Another thing I have seen from here, is writing of short script is good and people reading are able to absorb the content better.

Part 3 – Meeting Alan Guilder and training with Tim Dickenson

After Mr Rameshon’s first cross country outing at Manchester, he realised that it was not easy to run fast, and that there was something wrong. He was running with racing flat. Mr Gordon Reid, his research partner for PE and Sports Science course, who later became the Captain of Loughborough University Track and Field team, told him to get spikes to run in the cross country races, which was usually muddy and tough to run. His whole vest will become very muddy after the run, especially at the back part of the body.

Picture 2 – In Loughborough, it was a common sight to see runners who are sub -14min for 5km passing by, and there are many there. At that time, Jack Buckner, 13min 10sec for 5km, joined Mr Alan Guilder and Mr Rameshon for a run. 

Mr Gordon told Mr Rameshon to get a spike nail that was 9mm minimum or maximum 12mm nail, in size. It was hard to ‘float’ on the muddy terrain, as one will get a feeling the sensation of ‘sinking’ while running. The route usually had a number of tough uphill and downhill sections. Mr Rameshon found that the course was 10 times harder than Singapore Cross Country route, at that time.

Tim told Mr Rameshon to come for training with Mr Alan Guilder, who was teaching in a school as a teacher, at that time. Mr Alan Guilder was introduced to Mr Rameshon by Mr Tim Dickenson. Instantly, they became friends and trained together. Mr Tim Dickinson later on became the Captain of Loughborough University Cross Country Team. He came as 4th overall in Junior Cross Country Championships in England.

Mr Tim Dickenson, Mr Alan Guilder and Mr Rameshon started training together in the morning and evening together. In Loughborough, Mr Rameshon started by doing 8km morning and evening, with the two of his teammates mentioned. The girls were doing 8km morning minimum and in the evening they will do the same distance.

As for Loughborough University Circuit, which consists about 18 exercise stations, which involves plyometrics, was done with other university students as well. Loughborough running group is Mecca of running in England. Athletes run really fast there.  Lord Sebastian Coe, in his book, wrote that one of the reasons for breaking 4 world record in 41days, that one of the reasons for him to do it was because of the circuits.

On the second cross country race, with Tim Dickenson and Mr Alan Guilder’s training, Mr Rameshon did a much faster time. One mile x 6, with a minute jog, which was a struggle, earlier, was actually easier to do. All tempo run timing was getting faster for Mr Rameshon. His friends were taking notice of his improvement and told that he was improving a lot.

In the third League 1 Cross Country race, Mr George Gandy, requested Mr Rameshon to run the race, after knowing that he did a time of 31min 46sec time for his 10km race in Loughborough University race, called Loughborough Echo. Mr Rameshon was rejecting the offer to run for the University Student Games to represent Loughborough for 10km track, as they will choose only two runners to run from the university. In the last season of the League 1 Cross Country race, Mr Rameshon almost came close and was about 50m away from one of the top runner Mr Gordon Reid, who had a personal best time of 14min 47sec at that time for 5km.

End of Part 3.

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