Loughborough University : Mr Rameshon’s Stint (Part 1) Posted on October 30, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

Picture 1- Mr Rameshon went on to improve his time of 2hr 29min in April, 1993, London Marathon to 2hr 28min in September, 1993, Berlin Marathon

Picture 2 – Mr Rameshon’s German friends who were exchange students then, at Loughborough University, and they came personally to the Berlin Marathon to help him with route orientation in Berlin

One of those who was curious to know about my own coach’s study and training stint in Loughborough University was me. There are times that Head Coach of Flexifitness, Mr Rameshon (who is my coach) has shared about his past training days in England, where he studied between the year 1992 and 1994.

He was told by his mentor John Sproule, a Scottish by descent, who was his lecturer in the then PE College, that Loughborough was good to and study and train, rather than training in Singapore and be stuck with a 2hr 30min marathon, done in 1991 California Marathon. (It is by listening to this that Mr Rameshon is still having a personal best time of 2hr 24min 22sec in 1995 SEA Games in Chiangmai, in Thailand).

John sounded that the training methodology is different from Singapore coaches’ way of training. After hearing this, Mr Rameshon decided to go there to train with  John Sproule recommended coach, Coach George Gandy, who was also the coach of Jack Buckner (5km – 13min 10sec) and a number of countless top athletes in England.

Once there, in England, in October, 1992, Mr Rameshon found that George Gandy took 2 modules of Sports Technology for Physical Education and Sports Science Bachelor of Science degree course. George Gandy taught the class on pole vaulting, when Mr Rameshon met him in Loughborough University. A number of them on average jump around 2 metres, for pole vault, within two weeks of George’s teaching.

Then, when it came to running training, it was found that the group congregated on Tuesdays and Thursdays for tempo runs. On Tuesdays, the group were given steady runs, sometimes 8km, and sometimes between 10 to 15km. The females there are much faster as compared to Singapore’s female standard runners. In one race, the top runner for women open from Loughborough University did a time of 33min flat for 10km. Such was the standard of the race there.

At first, when Mr Rameshon was there in the University of Loughborough, he found the weather was about 10 degrees centigrade and he obviously could not take the weather at all. In the past, some Singaporeans have joined the training with the Loughborough University Track team. It was found that all Singaporeans gave up training with the University team. Within a month’s training, they cited weather and also that the runners run too fast to catch up, as reasons for not joining.

As for Mr Rameshon, he found that in Singapore he was coming in first for all races, in Singapore, at that time. However, there, in Loughborough University, he found that some of the runners were in front and that made him to be more enthusiastic to train even harder to attain better result in running.

Meeting Arul (One year Mr Rameshon’s senior) who currently is teaching SJI

The weather was so cold for Mr Rameshon that he wanted stop running and give up running. It is only when he met Mr Arul that Mr Rameshon decided to carry on training with Loughborough University track team. Mr Arul brought Coach to Manchester to buy a chunky glove instead of cotton glove. Also, he was told to buy a head gear. From then on, Mr Rameshon’s training went on uninterrupted and he was starting to get faster in training. He took part in 3 cross country races in England, as he represented Loughborough University Cross Country Team.

(End of Part 1)