An Interview With Tan Mariviv – U20 Girls Champion in Cougar Cross Country Posted on July 20, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Tan Mariviv receiving the Champion for Under 20 Girls 4.3km

An Interview with Tan Mariviv

How was the preparation of the race?

After the Gold Coast race, I felt that I could have done better as I was not use to cold air breathing as the temperature was 14 degrees centigrade. My aim was do a sub-40min, which I was capable of, but the fact that I was not able to breathe properly affected me greatly and Coach Rameshon told me to do my best. Hence, I continued and did a 42min 55sec.

For this Cougar Cross Country race, I told myself to break the record set last year and to just run steadily after hitting the 1km at 4min. Finally, I did 17m 55sec, 2 and a half minute better than last year’s time. The terrain was very different and I was not used to sandy trail. Nevertheless, the next time Cougar Cross Country race, I will aim a time of below 17min, or even a 15min/16min, if possible. With Coach Rameshon, coaching, I believe, I can.

Are you happy with the time?

I am happy, Coach is very happy too, my opponents were strong runners who had done very well in Nationals Track and Field.


Picture 2 – Rameshon with Tan Mariviv after the Gold Coast Race

How was the organisation of the race?

So far, this is one of the best organised race I have come across in Singapore and I hope that the SAA races would be like this in the future. I would like to thank Cougar Athletics Club, President Dr Bala, and Cheo, Honorary Secretary of the Club, for their splendid organisation of the race. Fantastic organisation, indeed!

Are you happy with the training?

I am happy with the training as I have full trust in Coach Rameshon’s training, The fact that people are trying to contact me from management companies shows that I am doing very well in my running, if not they will not be contacting me. So far 1 or 2 management companies have contacted me in trying to strike a conversation. Perhaps they would like to have a win-win situation with me. But they should know that they should develop the athletes they have within their company instead of searching around and taking other coaches’ athletes elsewhere. My only answer is not to be searching high and low but having rejected, they should focus on their own athlete. 

What is your future plan?

To keep improving my timing that my Coach is giving and and to ignore any management companies who wants to service me and to assist me. I think that they should mind their own business. Management companies should learn not to ‘poach’ around.

Also, my coach is giving me maximum support for running. Since he is giving me maximum support, I do not really ask for  help from SNOC or SAA. I am thankful to my three donors who came forward to help me financially. Only the future awaits on my performance. Under Coach Rameshon’s tutelage, I believe that I will succeed, as he is still the current National Record Holder for Marathon, done in 1995 Chiangmai South East Asian Games. I believe that he has the knowledge and experience to bring one to attain the best as he himself have attained. I am proud to be his protege. 

What happens if a management company want to service you?

I will tell them to fly kite! It is best they don’t waste my time and theirs. Under Coach Rameshon, I have achieved a lot and I will place my full faith in him. 

How has your training been with Coach Rameshon?

I always look forward to his training. The fact that I was told that I am so far the second girl, in under 20 girls , to do a sub-1hr 30min, for half-marathon excites me and I always look forward to Coach Rameshon’s training. No doubt about this! I am really having a fantastic time training with him.