Media – Good or Bad? My Perception Posted on January 29, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Media can be good, but it can be a form of distraction as well

In the past, when my friend Pramod told me to start a blog for running, he told me to write articles to help people to keep fit for life. He created the running blog for me using his IT skill.

After that, I start interviewing athletes, amateur and professionals as well, especially on international top runners. Hence, the blog had articles on informed knowledge on running and interviews as well, so to speak.

A number of times, I did do my best to interview top runners – the elite. However, it was very difficult to do so. Why? The believe is that at the top level one got to rest and recover etc. The top athletes have to really show their performance through the ‘let the legs do the talking’ to get endorsements. Hence, I found it really impossible to interview.


Picture 2 – Media attention can take you away away from your goals, besides bringing endorsements

Knowing this, I knew that it will be hard to inspire people to run. So, if a person have done a sub – 14m 30min for 5km, for example, I used to request for them to be interviewed and it is possible to do so.

From my own experience, answering interview questions could lead a top runner to be stressed. While doing their daily chores as a champion, it becomes hard to follow some of the chores and this could compromise the race performance.

Hence, if an athlete just does what he or she is supposed to do, and comply with the process, then it is a possibility to become an elite. There are in fact, a thousand and one thing to do to be an elite. By giving excuse to the things they are supposed to do and if they start to entertain being in the media, their training regime and most importantly, rest, will be compromised. 

As I was training to do the 1995 SEA Games Marathon, where  I brought the national record to 2hr 24min 22sec, usually, I realised that during training people sometimes want to discuss things, and it is usually in detail. The moment you say one thing, the conversation continues and you may have to entertain them. The talking for a long time itself can actually make you feel dog tired eventually, which affects performance. Once performance is compromised, things like endorsement talks vanishes over time. 

In short, from trying to interview, the very top, you will find that they usually may have Facebook etc. but it is usually found to be inactive as compared to other runners who have not reached the elite level. Hence, it is wise to follow what the elite runners does, not to stray away and to be distracted, and to remain focused on task and process which leads to the final product of good performance. 

 Edited By Tan Mariviv