Meditation For Runners : Has Manifold Benefits Posted on November 18, 2018

By Rameshon

Picture 1 – 1994, winning the Singapore International Marathon in 2hr 34min 02sec, Yoga, breathing technique and meditation helped, as it makes one to be focused, to prevent restlessness, which is a distraction itself.

There are three types of restlessness. We have restlessness of the body, emotion, and mind.

Picture 2 – Restlessness takes away one’s focus. 

We have studied this in Loughborough University, especially on the body and mind. After doing some study by myself, I felt that all these are variables and are independent of themselves. Hence, the coping strategies are different for sportsmen.  

Picture 3 – Saint Tiruvalluvar has mentioned on how to control the mind, as there is no end to mental restlessness

For the body, it is wise to do physical stretching and sports, and games, to bring down the restlessness of the body. One to two hours activity is important. If one do not do sports, Yoga is great for the person, as it has activities which includes  solving all 3 types of restlessness, just mentioned.

Attending to breathing exercise does normalise emotional upheavals. One’s anger can subside very fast. During 1995 SEA Games, I had some issues with an official from Singapore and it was affecting my emotion. Yvonne Danson, fellow women current national record for marathon was also having issues with the officials. I did not need to use strategy as I was calm instead, as opposed to the past, and my focus was only on the race. 

Once it comes to mind, it is good to do meditation in order not to have the restlessness of the mind. Thoughts are endless and negative thoughts can give negative outcome in the end. In Loughborough University, it was told that studies and research conclude that meditation can increase cardiac output in an athlete, especially in an endurance athlete and it is affirmative. I have long been doing meditation, especially after army.

Picture 4 – When we exercise, we attend to the restlessness of the body

There are a lot of benefits from meditation that one can accrue from. I shall discuss this in my next blog post, as meditation does help one in running. The important thing is that it must go with my mileage training runs if one wants to do well in endurance sports. In short, meditation has helped me break my own national record time for men, from 2hr 28min in the past, before I did the final 2hr 24min, with Yvonne Danson doing 2hr 34min, breaking the women’s national record, in year 1995 Chiangmai SEA Games. 

Edited By Tan Mariviv!