Missing Drug Test/Reporting of Inconsistent Whereabouts Posted on August 31, 2017

By Saranniya

It gives me great pleasure to say that our runners, whenever they are in Singapore, or in other countries, will give and have given full cooperation to dope testers and they did not miss any kind of drug test. We keep to the arrangements of the doping test planned by the dope testers. If there is a postponement, due to flight delay, exams etc, we should inform earlier and it is good not miss the confirmed arrangement that had been made with the National Sports Association. We want to be termed clean in sports, and that we did not use performance enhancement substance to unfairly win competitions. There is sweetness when no one tells us that our athletes have missed a test. Missing even one test, for our athletes, is  not an option, as doping means cheating.

Also, it is good to know, that, so far, I have not heard anyone, especially the authorities, coming to us and tell about doping test that was missed by our runners, informing us to keep chasing the athletes to do the test. It is time that people can ask us questions on whether our runners have really missed any test or not, so far. 

To keep sports clean, it is wise for other runners in Singapore, especially those who win top 3 medal in competitions to do the doping test and not miss any, especially prior to the Games. Moreover, I believe there should be 24 hours of unlimited doping testing, with, full freedom and flexibility, for testers to test the runners on anytime of the day. This will put on guard the potential athletes, who want to take drugs, and prevent cheating. Recently, I have heard that the athlete have cheated nowadays on inconsistent whereabouts and kept on telling lies after lies to cover up for their missing doping test. It will be good that doping tests are transparent and make it known to the world on who has missed the test. It is not just saying that our athlete has won a medal and hide the fact to everyone that he/she has missed out on the test, and lied about the whereabouts to the world at large. 

We have been told by some parents that it would be good to know whether their son or daughter has missed any form of doping test, and so that their child compete on a fair platform in competition. Mo Farah’s news on missing two tests have been known to the world, but in some countries, missing test is never informed to the world. If this takes place in Singapore, then the journalist should write about missing doping test, especially lying about the whereabouts.  

If a runner misses a test, and lie about his or her whereabouts, it is not a good sign for sports. There is absolutely no reason for an athlete to lie on whereabouts. If an athlete has been asked by the tester on the whereabouts, it is wise to be precise and tell the truth, on where exactly there are, not just keep lying. If they lie, then they give the perception that they have cheated. 

Edited by Mariviv Tan.