Molly – World’s First Anti-Doping Dog in Sports Posted on October 8, 2018

By Rameshon

Picture 1 – Molly, from Sweden, was developed to stop cheating in sports

Finding the dopers in sports is getting harder these days as it is believed that currently some athletes do take the “tablets” like steroids etc and compete and when they are tested, they are able to escape. It is said that doping is becoming rampant.

Doping can lead to long term injury and it can be a permanent injury. There are other problems coming from doping and it is not good for health and it is advisable for athletes to stay away from doping, as it is also cheating as well, having an unfair advantage over athletes who do not dope. In most of the races, we should have the winners or the top three athletes to be tested, periodically and randomly.

Technology, it is said, is allowing them to escape the doping test such that people do not know who is the real winner is. As such, for fair play in sports, it is good news for those who do not dope. Molly, an anti-doping dog from Sweden, has been developed to catch the doping people in Sports.

I will put the link for people to read the news on Molly who is trained to catch and the authorities are training more dogs to catch the doping cheats.

Edited by Ms Tan