Moonlake Lee – Sub-1hr for 10km POSB Run 2017 Posted on September 19, 2017

By Mariviv Tan

After umpteen times of trying to attain sub-1hr, for 10km, for fours years, Moonlake found the timing to evade her all the time. Hence it is good to interview her. In POSB Run 2017, Moonlake finally got her time. She has a very supportive husband, Dr Ansgar Cheng, who also keeps himself busy by working and training. Moonlake’s children also have been good leaders in Team Flexifitness and they set good examples for the young to train consistently. As a family, I will feature them in the future blog post. As I can see, it is important to exercise like them and they have been exercising throughout the year, improving their time all the way, progressively. It is good for Singaporean family to see this and emulate. Moonlake’s mother, Lily Fu, who is 69 also keeps herself active and is, at the same time, studying for her Masters in Gerontology. 


An Interview with Moonlake Lee

When did you start running?

I started running 10 years ago, back in 2007. The first run I did was the Anlene Orchard Mile, a 1.6km run for ladies from Orchard MRT to Dhoby Ghaut MRT. Since I had never run before, I found training for this run is challenging.  For a novice runner, running can be very intimidating and daunting, even if it is only a “short” distance to cover.


When did you start training for running?

I realized that I was not fit enough to just enter a race without any attempt to prepare for it ahead of time. Thus, it was important to get some practice to get my body used to running continuously for the distance I had in mind. At the time I started running, I had joined a gym. However, I lacked the discipline to go to the gym regularly. Thus, by signing up for a race, I was hoping to “pressure” myself to exercise as I needed to have a goal or target in mind to aim for, to motivate me. Thus, in a way, I started training for running so that it would give me an excuse to make use of my gym membership, and also help me achieve a certain target time for my race.


Can you share with us the age you started to take running seriously?

I started to do more races when I was in my mid 30s and only started structured running training, in terms of following a program, and training on a consistent level, in my mid 40s. I am what you may call a late starter… And I was certainly a couch potato in my younger days!

What was your strategy to do a sub-1hr for the recent 10km POSB Kids Run 2017?

I remembered Coach Rameshon had told us about pacing ourselves and not getting too excited especially in the early part of the race. I also told myself to run my own race and not get distracted when people passed me by… Even when the going got a little tough, I just focused on keeping one foot in front of the other, and not slowing down to a walk. The image of my fellow team mates and family members who were all running that morning also motivated me to keep going. I was certainly hoping to do a personal best in the race and I kept going over positive messages and affirmations in my head to tell myself that I was capable of achieving my goals.

How do you feel on doing sub-1hr for 10km?

I am happy to finally achieve a sub-1hr timing, 4years after my first 10km race. However, I do hope to better my time by a wider margin in the future.

What is your next goal?

I have another 10km race in 2 months – the Great Eastern Women’s Run, where I hope to have a stronger sub-1hr timing. After that, if I am lucky enough to get a successful ballot in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 10km race in January, I hope to do an even better time in the coolers climate in Hong Kong.

How did your children fare in the National Schools Cross-Country race, as underdogs?

I was very proud of my two girls and how well they did in the National Schools Cross-Country race. They put in a lot of effort and worked very hard during the school holidays. It required a lot of discipline to keep training regularly especially when many of their schoolmates were sleeping in late or playing games on the phone or just having a lot of “chill” time. Both girls were part of a team that managed to bring their school from 23rd position in the previous year to 5th position this year. The first four teams received a trophy, so they were just one position away from being a trophy winner. Due to the rules regarding the starting position at the Nationals Schools Cross Country, their team had to start right at the back of the pack of more that 150 girls. It was a long way to catch up with the front runners, and many girls would have looked at the long stretch between their starting position and the girls at the front, and given up. To their credit, they had the persistence and fighting spirit to do their best despite the odds. One of my daughters ended up being a medalist and the other just missed being a medalist by a few positions. I am grateful to Coach Rameshon, and the team mates at FlexiFitness for all their support. Without them, these results would not have been possible.