MR 25 – Mac Ritchie Reservoir 5km All Time List Posted on November 17, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

In year 1992, Mr Rameshon was starting to do some good timing, for distances between 1.5km and marathon event.  At the same time, he was also training N. Ganesan to do 15min 41sec, which was a personal best time for 5km, from a time of 16min 46sec. This was done within 4 months of training in year 1992 Singapore Open.

In the early 1990s, Mr Rameshon had many opponents and they were Mr Tan Choon Ghee, Mr Ernest Wong, Mr Khoo Chin Poo and Mr Ricky Khoo, all have a personal best time of sub-2h 38min marathon runners.

At the same time, these runners compete themselves in 5km cross country route in Mac Ritchie Reservoir. It is quite a though course. It was Mr Rameshon who had introduced Mr N.Ganesan to run in the Mac Ritchie Reservoir 5km route. In year 1992, Mr Rameshon did 16min 06sec for the route. At that time, N.Ganesan was finding it difficult to do sub – 17min and was impressed with the time. October 1992, Mr Rameshon went to Loughborough University to study and train, self funding himself, and at the same time, he helped Mr N.Ganesan to get 10 months full time running, through the help of the then SAAA while in the Army. Mr N. Ganesan was told to keep doing the MR 25 5km route.

Over time, Mr N. Ganesan worked hard and he did well by doing  a time of 15min 56sec, which was 10 sec faster than Mr Rameshon’s time. I shall put the other timings inside for reference.

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