Mr S. Balasundram story Posted on January 2, 2018

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Mr S. Balasundram

In 1990, Mr S. Balasundram was selected to go to California marathon with Mr Low Ming Too, a Red Hawk Club member, for doing 2hr 35min 34sec in 1989, Singapore Marathon.

Second placing in 1989 Singapore Marathon, Mr Rameshon was selected to go to Hong Kong as he was told to go for hot and humid Pune Marathon in India, which was rejected by Mr Rameshon. Mr Lim Jit Imm conceded Mr Rameshon’s request to go to Hong Kong finally. Mr Rameshon did 2hr 31min and came in 5th overall.


Picture 2- A cut out on Mr S. Balasundram (please click on it for a clearer picture)

As for Mr S. Balasundram, he ran the California Marathon in 1990 and did 2hr 33min.

Mr S. Balasundram did not get support from Singapore Amatuer Athletics, albeit the time he did was very good and no sponsers came to assist or help him.

People have seen Mr S. Balasundram doing 30km per day at Macritchie Reservoir for a year. The training methodology was vastly different from Mr Rameshon. Over time, he was not seen running and he gave up running as he did not get any support.