The Need for Yoga for Runners Posted on April 28, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Physiotherapist, when one gets injured, will tell one to stretch more

In no way, I have gone through any kind of spine problem once, in the past. The reason is simple. Usually, I will do stretches before and after every exercises or running. It was the unseen beneficial thing that Yoga stretches were doing. You have to experience doing yoga pose for a few year and go through the experience of not doing it at all. You will definitely see a difference. It regardless, Yoga poses do help.

In the past, Yoga was practiced in India. The benefits of Yoga was immense such that many sportsman now believe that it can prevent injury, rehab a person to exercise over time and also to recover faster, so that one can do a solid workout and get very good results.

In Yoga, they actually call the stretches as poses, as you have to stay for a while in that state, at least 20sec. Once you are in that position, what happens is that the muscles will tend to expand, such that metabolites and waste products plus toxins are cleared from the bodily system. 

Yoga is used as one of the recovery method in running. Each pose has its own benefits. How Yoga poses came about? There are many sources which explain this. In short, it is to sit in meditation pose for long as possible, as the knee joint will be able to take the strenuous session of sitting down that Yoga pose came about. Some yogis can sit for 10 hours in a session. 

My experience is that it improves mobility and flexibility. As I have experienced, as a usual and regular practitioner of Yoga, I am still not flexible, and one should not be alarmed that they will too flexible and it affects the performance. Too much flexibility does affect performance, and so long one does 20 secs of about 6 -10 important poses, which stretches different sets of major muscles groups of the body like the biceps, triceps quadriceps, etc, they will prevent injuries of various sort. 

In short, if you ask me why I am not injured now, my guess to that is that I only get injury if I don’t do Yoga poses. I have met many recently who said that they have got injured by not stretching before or after a run. After getting a serious injury, they now contend that stretching is very important, as they have experienced it, having seen themselves not getting injury for a long when they stretch before and after an exercise.  

When you meet the physiotherapist, the latter will start giving you a number of stretches you could do with the band etc and some different yoga poses etc. One should analyse, then that, on why should one do stretch when one meets a physiologist. 

In the past, a number of athletes and students have read my blog post and have told me that they appreciate what I have written, personally. They told me that they rarely get injured by doing the poses that I had given in the blog post. Having said that, I shall start putting some articles  on other poses, besides what I have given, the headstand and shoulder stand. One can recover, and at the same time, save a lot  of money, and be independent to look after oneself. To look after oneself is paramount importance in health, so that one does not keep relying on their loved ones to keep taking care of them.  

Edited By Tan Mariviv