Flexifitness – Newspaper and Website Clarification (Part 1) Posted on July 24, 2018

By Rameshon

Picture 1 – 2hr 34 min, (1994-win in Singapore), a time which is still the fastest for any local , before doing a 2hr 24m 22sec time in Chiangmai Thailand, SEA Games 1995

The previous post in The Straits Times, last year, in Sports News, by Lester Tan on ‘Holding a longstanding record with quiet dignity’ was a favourable one for me. (See the earlier blog post to get the details.) However, some facts have been found to be missing. Also, it means a lot to me as there were sacrifices undertaken by my parents to see me succeed and they should take the credit as they were encouraging to my efforts to keep lowering down the national record 5 times, until the time went to 2hr 24min 22sec in 1995 South East Asian Games. 

The statement on ‘Rameshon had decided early in his running career that the best way to improve was to train overseas. Without any result to secure a scholarship, however, he had to balance training and undergraduate studies at Loughborough University in England’, needs clarification.

Yes, I went to England by with my own $30000 saving, over a period of 5 years, at that time,  and the savings of $30000 from my parents. It was not a scholarship. Only in England, there was an opportunity for scholarship for Masters and to do research, but I was not interested in it and I returned back to Singapore to work as a PE Teacher. 

The statement of ‘He eventually ran up a bill of $80,000 while his family’s income then was a hard-earned $1,000. It was draining physically, mentally as well as financially’ is not really so, but the statement of my hard earned money used is important to state by Leslie Tan, and I appreciate his statement. 

It is good to take note of the statement ‘It was only after he first broke the national record at the Hong Kong marathon in 1991 that the Singapore Sports Council offered a $1,500 annual grant and he started being outfitted by Nike’. I was outfitted by Nike in year 1990 when I came in first in races for 10km most of the time, at that time. Before I got the grant, I had been sponsored by Nike! 

Hence, the general public will know the truth of what happened. It would be good to paint a true picture, otherwise the essence of truth will be lost. I hope it explains everything.