Running / Sports Coaching


  • To help the casual and those who want to improve in running, whether it is sprint, middle distance or long distance.
  • To help runners improve their timings in various distances – 100m, 200m and 400m, 800m 1.6km, 2.4km, 5km, 10km, Half Marathon or Marathon.

Age Group

For age groups 5 years and above.

Head Coach

Rameshon (Current National Record Holder – 2hr 24min 22sec in 1995 South East Asian Games in Thailand)

Types of Training

  1. Personal TrainingIt is handled by Coach Rameshon only. Personalized training is by appointment only. Personalized training would be one-to-one, where an individualized training programme would be provided for you. The payment for this is $100 an hour for weekdays and $150 an hour on weekends.
  2. Group CoachingElite sub – 3hr marathoners and Progressive Athletes (4 to 7 hour marathoners) or wanting to improve 2.4km, 5km, 10km and 21.1km.Assitant coaches will be around to help carry out Coach Rameshon.

Featured Posts

GE Run Race Results:   Race Results for 21.1KM Half Marathon Elite - Based on Gun Time  Rank Bib No. Name Finish Time 1 E20000 Ying Rong Mok 01:26:26 2 E20005 Rachel See 01:27:04 3 E20001 Yvonne Elizabeth Chee 01:32:58 4 E20006 Jasmine Goh 01:35:27 5 E20002 Verna Goh Shilei 01:36:41 6 E20011 Sharon Fay Ong 01:37:17 7 E20010 Lucy Tang 01:37:39 8 E20004 Sherlynn Tan 01:41:45 9 E20003 Jenny Huang 01:42:36   21.1KM Half Marathon - Individual  Rank Bib No. Name Finish Time 1 20189 Sharon Tan 01:29:02 2 20737 Xiuying Hu 01:29:57 3 23108 Anna Helowilz 01:35:02   10KM Individual Rank Bib No. Name Finish Time 1 11326 Vanessa Lee 00:38:26 2 11333 Nicole Low 00:38:47 3 11930 Vivian Tang 00:38:41