For children and teenagers aged 4 to 16 years old. A well rounded programme which leads to good coordination to excel in a chosen sport later on.


  1. To build a strong foundation in a child’s development with regards to sports competency.
    (Strong Foundation – safety awareness, injury prevention & etc.)
  2. Developing coordination skills and agility which are best honed during a child’s formative years of growth.
  3. Maximizing the potential of a child to make him/her a champion of tomorrow.


Head Coach Rameshon  Athletics, Hockey and Soccer
Coach Nicholas Triathlon
Coach Edward Swimming
Coach Johnson Lim  Basketball
Coach Vincent Basketball

103 Medalists and
507 Finalists Trained

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Time: 4 30pm to 7pm
Day: Saturday
Venue: Evans Road PESEB (subjected to change)

Our Young Champions’ Programme seeks to develop sports competency of children in a methodological and progressive manner, our programme provides an age related skill acquisition which allows development at an optimum level. Through fun, we develop a child’s interest and awareness towards the importance of a lifelong pursuit of sports and health.

Our programme has three main components

    1. Athletics
      This component helps to develop speed and build physical strength of children according to their age groups. In particularly, strength training is an important factor in helping injury prevention. Followed by the development of speed which is useful for all sports as it helps children develop the right techniques.
    2. Hockey/Floorball/Cricket/Tennis
      These games not only help to build agility but more importantly, it develops hand-eye coordination, anticipation and reaction time. These skills are extremely important to a child’s sports education.
    3. Basketball/Soccer/Netball
      With the earlier two components, we would slowly progress to take part in games such as Basketball/ Soccer and Netball. This would help to build on skills being developed on earlier. On top of that it helps to develop spatial awareness and positing which are key parts of territorial games. We are also able to instill concepts of games such as moving into available space, keeping possession and scoring,

All in all, we want to maximize the potential of a child to mould him/her into a champion of tomorrow or one who is well coordinated to take the challenges of life by keeping oneself fit for life independently.