Joining FlexiFitness was life changing!

I followed the exercise program with FlexiFitness after my kids started running with them. The FlexiFitness youngsters are diverse group, in terms of age, background, interests and athletic ability but they all work together very well.

I was a casual runner with a busy work life and no clue of how to improve myself while also experiencing sport injuries. Coach Ram and his coaching team are magical! They managed to help my fellow runners and me improve our running and achieve many personal best timings from 1km to a full marathon. This is a considerably hard task for a man who has gone through half a century of life. I wish I had joined them earlier!

Dr Ansgar Cheng

Running has become part of our family bonding as all 4 of us run together, and also have chats on the way to and from training. My girls enjoy their training sessions and look forward to each session. This is due to the supportive coaches, and also to the friendly teen athletes that form part of the group. It has been very inspiring to see how passionate and dedicated everyone is to improving themselves and this also extends to their studies!

The training program also exposes my girls to other sports such as in line skating, basketball, hockey and soccer. Apart from developing excellence in sports, I like the fact that the life values of teamwork, looking out for each other and leadership training is also imparted to the children. Coach Rameshon has a philosophical and sound way of approaching running which makes it more sustainable (and injury free). It is not just a CCA/enrichment activity but more of a lifestyle.

We have developed a whole new circle of friends of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and so this makes for a very interesting perspective on life. The elite athletes and teen athletes (some of whom are cross country champions) are humble and very encouraging to everyone, no matter their fitness level or running ability.

Moonlake Lee

Have benefitted so much from Team Flexifitness over the years. Though my main aim was to improve my marathon timings, I realized that I have received more than athletics improvements.

Athletics Performance: When I first joined the training group, my marathon time was 3hours49mins. Managed to slashed to 3hours10mins 3 months after joining the team. It was due to the solid training principles of the coaches and peer motivation to spur one another. Every training session is very structured to improve different areas of our fitness: aerobic, anaerobic, strength or speed. The consistent year-round training also helps different ones targetting different races.

Friendship: Team Flexifitness consists of people-young and old, from all walks of life. Though all of us have one common purpose to be fitter in different ways, we learnt much from one another other than running. The students have learnt much from the working professionals and the adults have been inspired by the students too. We often celebrate events together and some of us go for overseas marathon trips together too.

Variety: There is always something for everyone. For those who wants to aim for personal bests in distance running, there are coaches to assist. For those who simply want to keep fit for daily life, there are also coaches available. As there is a programme suited for different needs, I have always looked forward to the trainings. Even during days when I am injured, I can do other form of training!

In conslusion, joining Team Flexifitness is probably the best investment I make. I have gained more from the team than I have given!

Thow Wee
Marathon Runner
Since 2008