My POSB Run 2018 in 39min 55sec – Gross and Nett Time Posted on September 14, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – My last 200m stretch running the last part of the race

In any distance events, for time trials or races, always it is a known fact that the gross time is more than the nett time. It is easy as A,B,C to understand this and it is common sense to know this. That means, gross time is the time taken once the Guest of Honour flags off or when the gun goes off, until the runner runs and crosses the finish point. The nett time is taken when the runner hears the gun going off, but the actual time is taken only after he or she reaches the electronic area that is right in front of a starting point. Hence, there is a disadvantage. Thus, gross time of the race has some seconds that needs to be deducted, as one needs to reach the start of the electronic start area, where electronic gadgets are there to take the the real start time of all runners.

In short, what this shows is that the nett time is always a faster time that the gross time. Gross time is the overall time from where you have started the race to the finish of the race. Nett time is from the electronic start area just before the front runners, which has the time taken immediately when one crosses the area.

Today, many had called me asking on why the result in Women Open 10km was messy and all went wrong. Hence, I have decided to put the truth in this blog. If you see below, my gross time for POSB Run is 39min 55sec. That means that I have run similar time or faster for the nett time. However, after some days of checking, the results came out as my time was 40min 07sec for 10km, and not only me but numerous friends told that this is grossly wrong. I felt that this kind of problem has been happening in Singapore races and it has to stop. The organiser should not take the vendor for time keeping for not doing the given job, as runners have paid a hefty sum to run in the race. I hope that the post goes viral and make the public aware of how race time keepers are not doing their job properly, as they must know that people have been training for months for this, by sacrificing time, money and effort. It should not be repeated anymore.


Picture 2- My Gross time Nett time for POSB 10km Run for Men Open category

In Women Open, Cheo, got fourth for gross time. For me the nett time should be the same time or faster than gross time of the runner’s race. For nett time, she ended fifth. That means that the whole women’s race has gone wrong from 4th position onwards, for position and timing. Her nett time, however was so much slower than gross time, such that many of my friends told that this is preposterous. A high profile race like the POSB Race should not have this kind of mistakes where people’s time or position are all wrong.


Picture 3 – Cheo’s Gross time and Nett time for POSB 10km Run for Women Open Category

A few years back, in Zoo Run, it was seen that many of the runners had nett time slower than the gross time. If this is so, it clearly means that the organisers are not doing their job properly and the individual that invested the money has seen the money going to waste. They must promptly reimburse back to those that they have made mistake.

Other than the timekeeping, the organisation of the race, on that day of the race was wonderful and excellent and many cherished the run.

Edited By Tan Mariviv