POSB Run – Flexifitness has 45 registered for the race Posted on August 12, 2018

By Ms Tan 


Picture 1 – Coach Rameshon coming in 3rd in Men Open 8.6km, assuming the role of captain of  Team Flexifitness as well.

Although the prize money is not lucrative in POSB Run, Flexifitness, in wanting to see support of pocket money for kids, raised, has put a lot of effort to increase the race participants to 45.

Coach Rameshon, as a Head Coach, has also assumed also the role of captain of the team and has been training for Men Open and Veteran race, and also to serve as a role model for the team, to strive for improvement.

Since the day, Coach Rameshon took the role of a captain, Flexifitness, which has some top runners and developing runners joining, have shown improvement in running, significantly. We as athletes, also feel that Coach Rameshon fits well as a captain. Now, our group is happy with new developments in Flexifitness, especially in new people joining us. 

We also have some developing runners who have done personal training with Coach Rameshon and we would like to see improvement in the race time and the number is on the increase.

Mr Balaji, who has been doing 9min per km for 1km x 6-8, in the past, has recently been doing 5min 30sec per km. ” See how much, I have improved, from only a walker to a runner now with big progress, after coming to Flexifitness.”

Coach Rameshon told, ” Balaji’s progress was also because of consistency.Balaji works hard.”