POSB Run – Rameshon,53, achieves 39m 55sec for 10km (Part 1) Posted on September 13, 2018

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Rameshon, at age 53, does 39min 55sec in POSB Race on Sat, 08/09/2018

There was pure excitement in seeing Coach Rameshon, 53, Founder and Head Coach to run the 10km in POSB RUN 2018, for kids. It was held at 4.30pm at Marina Promontory, Saturday, 08 of September. It was impressive to see the end of the race as he delivered what he promised – the sub-40min for 10km.

There were altogether 3 categories for prizes, individual, team challenge for Corporate and the new public challenge. In the past, we have come in first for Corporate Challenge. As we were a strong contender, the POSB organiser told us to only run in the individual race only.

Coach Rameshon was looking for a veteran category to run. There was no veteran category, thus he decided to run the Men Open. He emerged as 6th in the Men Open race, with a time of 39min 55sec. In Women Open 5km race, I emerged as the champion of the race, with a time of 20min 52sec.

The race organisation on that day, start, water points, marshalling etc were all run with a near perfect score. Three friends of Coach Rameshon told that his time was about 39min 54sec – 39min 55sec for the 10km race.

When I saw the recent result, the gross time showed 39min 55sec. Hence, I was wondering that the time for nett will be 39m 55sec and below, as Coach Rameshon was standing in front of the pack. It is in regard to this that I would like to address the problem with the time keepers who are not doing their job well. There is no vetting before the result is released. All know that Coach Rameshon has done 39m 55sec, but the question is how on earth is the timing inaccurate on the organiser’s part.

Coach Rameshon said that another person who was standing at the start line had a different nett time and gross timing for the race. He said that this is preposterous. Whatever it is, it is common sense that nett time is 100% all the time faster than gross time. Coach Rameshon told, “Mine the position was correct, but my friends one of them is about more than 30sec away and is in top 10 for position.” “That means that the whole positioning has gone wrong for most of them, especially after sixth position onwards.”

In order to address this, Coach Rameshon told that he will talk on fairness and transparency of organisers so that people like his friend, whose positioning is affected, now has been given wrong position for nett timing”.

We hope that for all races transparency is used to run a race properly, else runners will not enjoy the race. In the past few years, this has been happening in many races and some have complained to me. I am writing this so that organisers see the importance of giving the correct time, or at the end of the day, refund the money for registration if the race time is inaccurate. This also calls for manual entry as a ‘no choice’ solution for going wrong in electronic timing.