Post Marathon Recovery Boosts Next Race Performance Posted on January 11, 2019

Picture 1 – I did 2hr  34min 02sec in Singapore International Marathon 1994. Thanks to the post recovery run that I did after a Marathon race. One must never forget post marathon recovery run. Forgetting disables great progress in running.


By Rameshon

I am writing this so that I can share my experience of post recovery of my own marathon race. This action, in fact, makes one more responsible and enables one to expedite in improving time for future races. I find that if one wants to well, one has to know this subject. 

Some earth quakes can go to near 7 in richter scale. The damages caused to the individual and the environment can be too high as the after effects makes one to return to normal life after a long period of time. Life will not be changed to good immediate. Likewise it is the same for post marathon. 

When a person runs a marathon, and finishes, most parts of the muscles, especially the lower limb area, the thigh and calves will be affected greatly. This is where I would like to say that by observing that nothing is superior to total rest than anything else after a marathon race, especially for the first week. 

People say that one should do stretching, massage, see physiologist, do heat cold treatment etc. Nevertheless, there are other avenues as well to enable one to recover fast, so that one will continue training.

Again, let me reiterate the point that resting for a week, gives the body a real recovery such that one can do less training first and then go on to do normal routine of training, after some time. And on the start of third week, one can do the usual mileage training that they have been used to do. 

I am writing here in summary on the reason for post recovery for marathon, as one will come out of the after effects of the run and recover and quickly go into the next training. When I represented Singapore in marathon in overseas, I have seen a number of them not focusing on recovery. Failing to do this, one may choose to do other things like, shopping, endless visit of tourist place, meeting up with friends, sessions of purchasing things, and they will find that they get themselves very tired and they may not have recovered, and they now need much longer rest. In the next race, for example, 2 months later, after the marathon race, one gets oneself affected. 

Furthermore, one must find ways to rehydrate lost water and salt from the body and to recover fast. By doing this, one can get oneself out of the effects of the post marathon running muscular damages etc. 

In the next post, I shall write more and in detail on this as these right and correct actions stated has allowed me to do well in subsequent races, after a marathon race, in the past. 


Edited by Tan Mariviv!