BK Pradeep does 56min 32sec in 350 NTUC INCOME RUN 2014

BK Pradeep does 56min 32sec in 350 NTUC INCOME RUN 2014

 By Miss Rajendran

BK Pradeep’s 10km Progressive Improvement in Running.

2012 – 1hr 17min
2013 – 1hr 06min
2014 – 56min 32sec.

BK Pradeep, 32, joined our running programme around mid-December 2013. He was looking forward to run the marathon races but decided to run the 10km and half-marathon for a start. When he joined us, we found him slow as he had a personal best time of 1hr 06min for 10km race. 
Over time, he reduced his time from 59min, a week before the 350 NTUC INCOME RUN 2014, to 56min 32sec, on the day of the race. 
We decided to interview him as he has less time to train and he does what he can with a limitation of 2 to 3 training days per week to train for his races. 
I believe that it would inspire many to take a positive attitude and take a long term approach to running. 
An Interview With Pradeep. 
What was your personal best time in the past?
In the past, In 2013 NTUC INCOME RUN, I ran 1hr 06min for 10km race. About a week ago, during my practice run, I did my first sub-1 hr run in 59min 15sec. In the 2014 NTUC INCOME RUN, my personal best was 56min 32sec.
When did you take up running?
My wife introduced me to Marathon, first I took part in the 10Km and ran in 2012 took 1hr 17min. I was not under any guidance and trained by myself and did 1hr 06min in 2013 and decided to train under Coach Rameshon.  So, I started to training from beginning of Jan’14.
Are you happy with your time?
Yes, it has in fact, boosted my confidence, and I am aiming to do a sub-55min in the next few weeks from now.
How was the organisation of the race?
NTUC was the organisers, I do rate them as well
planned event. The key highlight of the race was the pacers. They allowed me to follow and I did well because of them. There were also planned water breaks, 
Any suggestions that you would like to give to the runners to improve the race timing?
Practice to reach your target, keep cool and be relaxed while running.
Check the race route the previous day and make your strategy and then execute it.
What is your next goal and long term goal?
My goal to run sub-2hr15min in half – marathon races of the future, like in the Army – Half Marathon 2014.  


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