Rameshon – 2018 Chiangmai Marathon Experience Posted on December 26, 2018


By Tan Mariviv

Picture 1 – Rameshon (Left) and I (Right) before the start of the race

On Sunday, 23/12/2018, Rameshon ran in the 2018 Muang Thai Chiang Mai Marathon. He did this as a memory of breaking his own national record of 2hr 28min, which was done in Berlin Marathon, to 2hr 24min 22sec in 1995 SEA Games Chiangmai Marathon.

Right now, Rameshon is 53 years old, and has done a time of 3hr 10min in Stanchart Marathon 2013. From 2013 onwards, he did not run competitively as he was coaching a number of top marathon runners who started doing times like sub-2hr 50min for the marathon.

While coaching, he ran in 2014 Paris Marathon while assisting his runners. Rameshon carried a water bottle while running with one of his runner to do sub-4 hours. At the same time he carried a handphone to contact the runner about personal best. It was in 2014 that a runner did 2hr 48min. The runner called to answer and he told that he did 2hr 48min. After that, Rameshon was involved in 2015 SEA Games where he totally stopped competing for veteran but was only keep himself fit all the time. In year Jan 2018, he ran in Hong Kong Marathon and still did 4hr 11min for the full marathon.

This is to show that the focus was on his athletes. This year, he had decided to run in some of the races. In 2XU Compression Run Half – Marathon, he did 1hr 28min for men open category. As for Marathon, as December was approaching, Rameshon decided to run in the 2018 Chiangmai Marathon. He has completed it in 3hr 44min 28sec, breaking the jinx of not going under sub-4 hours for several marathons in the past 3 years.

As such, as a runner myself, inspired by Rameshon’s performance, at age 53, I have decided to highlight to the outside world on his determination to go back to sub- 3hr 10min marathon performance soon. I have decided to write an interview on this. I hope that you enjoy reading this.

An Interview With Rameshon

Why did you run the Muang Thai Chiang Mai Marathon?

I feel that as a coach, it is wise to show ourselves as an example of sports, fitness and performance. I also hear that 50 plus in Singapore is getting too competitive. I was bored with no challenge at first. But now, with someone doing a sub – 3hours for marathon, I welcome this as a competitive challenge. It will be friendly, no ego, but I would like to win in this, as this will make my lifestyle an healthy one. It simply means, I am healthier if I am competitive as compared to training for fitness, instead.

What kind of time are you aiming for?

My first target is to do a 3hr 20min, asap, which I could have done in this Chiengmai Marathon. However, I have decided to complete this instead of competitive one.

When are you intending to do the 3hr 20min?

Physically, I will do it in Singapore and will allow some to witness my run, and it will be either moderate run or it may end up as an easy run. I shall allow some to witness this in front of their eyes. I have done a 3hr 19min easy run for 44km in the past, a week before I did 2hr 34min 02sec, fastest time for a Singaporean male runner for local route as well, in 1994 Singapore International Marathon.

What is your target for the marathon for this year?

Someone told me that for 50 years and above, 2hr 54min will be faster, so I am aiming for this time. I hope that my competitor do not shy away my extension of warm friendly challenge.

How was your run in the Chiangmai Marathon?

I found this route much easier than SEA Games in Chiangmai, From 4 hours plus, for 3 years, from year 2014 to 2017, suddenly I can do a time of 3hr 44min 27min for marathon. For this race, towards the last few kilometres, a number of half- marathon finishers, merged at a point, with marathon runners, and I was able to push myself further. So, I find this course easier than 1995 SEA Games marathon.

How was the drink station?

Mostly, I was given water. I did 1hr 38min for half-way, and I felt fresh. However, nearly all drink points had water to replace our electrolyte loss. This made me very tired during the run. A day before the race, I saw that the race was well stocked with isotonic drinks. However, I don’t know how the plan was to distribute drinks for isotonic drinks.

Overall, are you happy with your run?

Of course, I am happy as I have told you, for the past 3 years, I have been coaching intensely. This time, I have more time for myself to focus on my training and I am very happy of doing 3hr 44min 28sec. It is giving me hope to catch up to do 2hr 54min that I am aiming to do by 2019. I would like to aim to be the fastest for 50 years and above, in Singapore. I am hoping that 2019 is going to be a year of excitement and stiff comeptition for age category 50 years and above.

What is your advice for the old and overweight people?

Physiology shows that a person cuts about 20 years of age if they stay active all the way. Sports makes one strong physically and mentally. One can prevent diseases by exercising daily. Becoming overweight is not an option and one has to do something, or else one will get fearful in the long run, as health can deteriorate.