Rameshon – Aiming to do a 1hr 37min for 2 XU Race 2018 Posted on April 6, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – With a weight of 65kg, Rameshon did 4hr 12min for Hong Kong Marathon 2017. 

My pain in the heel vanished after six months of walking with proper technique. Earlier on, my doctor gave up by telling that he also has the heel pain. I was administered to take painkillers, but Rameshon told me not to take even a pill and walk with faith with proper technique. Finally, I lost 11kg by walking 2hours, 3 times per week. I invited him to  India to do a Fitness programme for the adults and kids, and he was actually considering this.

In the past, Rameshon had trained hard and brought the time down from 2hr 31min in Hong Kong Marathon in 1990. In 1991, he did 2hr 30min in California Marathon. In 1992, he did 2hr 29min in April, London Marathon, and subsequently he did 2hr 28min in Berlin Marathon, in that same year itself. In year, 1995, he ran for Singapore in the SEA Games in Thailand and did 2hr 24min 22sec, breaking the national record even further and it is still there unbroken.

One of his runners, N. Ganesan, who did 15min 41sec under Rameshon, went on to do a 14m 57sec for the 5000m, thereby breaking the then national record of 5000m.

From training days until now, he has brought 21 male runners to do a sub-3hr marathon. He brought 13 titles from National Schools Cross Country Championships and 10 National Track and Field Championships. His runner by the name of Jeffrey Ng’s, National Schools’ Record for 3000m in 9min 21sec for under 17 boys, is still unbroken until now. His former athlete, Harpreet Singh time of 9min 06sc is still the fastest for a 15 year old boy, in Singapore.

At present, Rameshon trains adults and children for night programme from 7 to 9pm, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He also does personal training which gives maximum result in training for those who can afford and do not have the time to train during group programme. He has also done corporate programme for many companies in the past. At the same time, on how he had developed, also using his education on maturation and sports, he has developed the Young Champions Programme to develop future champions of Singapore Sports, not just athletics. He is hoping that four could go for Olympics in the future. 

As the 2XU Race is coming, Rameshon has lost 10kg, from 68kg to 58kg. He hopes that many out there do not lose hope in losing weight and to keep at it. The timing that he is going for is going to be 1hr 37min to 1hr 40min, for a start, before aiming to do a 1hr 30min soon.