Rameshon – POSB 10km – Aims to Cross sub-40min Tomorrow Posted on September 7, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Mariviv (left) and Rameshon (right) after Gold Coast 10km Run 2018

I have been keeping track of Rameshon’s and Mariviv’s progress as both runners form as one of the most formidable runners of Flexifitness.

Mariviv has been progressing in her 1500m, doing a time from 5min 21sec to 5min 12sec, season best lately, done on last Monday. Moreover, in her first debut running in half-marathon, she has done a personal best of 1hr 28min  for 2 XU Half -Marathon Race 2018. She emerged fourth in the Women Open’s category. In Hong Kong, she did 41min 30sec for the 10km race of the Hong Kong Marathon race, and she emerged second in the under 20 category.

When we look at Rameshon, he has been coaching but lately he has taken up running in order to stay healthy. He says, “With running, I do not have any health problems.” With a weight of 68kg, his weight now is ranging between 58 to 60kg.

Mariviv told me,”Coach Rameshon has been very conservative and wants to stay away from injury.” “Right now, he pegs his training and time trial timing to my timing. In training he does not care of pain. He goes beyond pain.” ” The current situation is for him to do a sub-40min for 10km, as he is now 53 years of age.” He has told me that once he does sub-40min, he will aim to do a sub-36min before end December 2018. In year 2019, before 31 December, he told me that a sub-33min is very possible.” “Coach has told me that in order to instill confidence in me, he will show me first.” ” So far, whatever he has predicted of his time trial timing, all has been proven in training and I am thrilled to better my time, seeing this.”” He always says seeing is believing.”

I asked Rameshon on what is he going to do for the POSB Run tomorrow. The answer I got was that he is aiming to just do a sub-40min, and then start planning over time to do sub- 33min by next year December 2019.