Rameshon – Mission Possible his 10km Run in Sub – 40min Posted on September 8, 2018

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Team Flexifitness in POSB Run 2018

Coach Rameshon planned for me to run in the POSB Race, as it is usually organised well. I was training for it, with my attention going to 1500m, to improve my speed so that I can run faster in 5000m race.

However, on Wednesday, I had flu and I did not know how to tell Coach Rameshon. I kept mum about it and hoped that it goes off. Only on Saturday, Coach told me that it is wise to rest well and consider not to run if I do not feel good. Because of the training I have done, I told myself that it is good to run. Coach told me that the result is not important. Today, I somehow felt 90% good, instead of 100%. Some intuition told me to just run my race. I was aiming for 19min 20sec to 20min flat. My plan changed to following the first girl and later on break off and coming in at least a podium if possible.

God was kind as I was able to come in first after breaking away from the first girl. As I came back, it was good news for us as we see that Laavinia came in first for 1200m race, under 12, Girls’ category. She did 3min 40sec, unofficial result.

As for Coach Rameshon, he told me that doing sub-40min for 10km is a threshold, a barrier. He says, ” Once you cross the 40min barrier, you will find it easy to do 36min to 38min over time, and that will enable one to finally hover at 34min to 36min, before going down to 33min and below, girls can do it also, if they have will power. “

Today, he did sub-40min, around 39min 58sec for the 10km. Coach says, ” It is easy to slash 1min improvement of the total time for 10-km per month from now, and I am excited to do a sub 39 in end September, sub- 38 in end – October, sub – 37min in end November and sub 36min in end December 2018″. So far, from my experience, as I know Coach Rameshon, he do not like to say, once he says, he will go out to do it and has proven time and again!

Other Flexifitness runners also ran in today’s race and did us proud by participating in the race. Some did personal best and some did seasonal best time. If one has not done a personal best time, I hope that one do not feel bad about it and aim for another and train for it.