Rameshon : POSB RUN 2018 (6th Position in Men Open) Posted on October 6, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

Picture 1 – Rameshon, about to run the POSB 10km, age 53. 

This year, opportunities came for Coach/Athlete Rameshon to train from scratch. He did 4 hours plus for this year’s Hong Kong Marathon 2018. He did 1hr 28min in 2 XU Half-Marathon, and then he did a 34min 42sec for 8.6km Cougar Cross Country, running in Men Open category and also came in third position.

Very recently, he made himself do 4min 58sec in 1500m, while making me achieve the same time in a time trial, as well. I felt so easy doing the trial and am looking forward for the next one. His 10km time on 8th September 2018 for POSB Race was 39min 55sec. In Men’s Open section, he came in 6th. If it was for age 50 to 54, I believe he would have been first position.

Picture 2 – I was elated to take a photo with Coach to remember my winning the POSB 5km Race. 

I have been noticing that he is getting faster over time and he is doing things patiently. His methodology is interesting as he changes the route to suit the training. During training, I have experienced the way he train. When he does something, he ensures he completes it at any cost, no matter how hard it is. He does not relent to weakness and I have seen myself improving all the time.

The surprising thing about Coach Rameshon is that he is still going strong in running and he is willing to take any form of pain to do it. Such is his attitude. Seeing this attitude of his, I do not give any excuse to myself for any relenting to weakness. As such, I would like to give a short interview on his success in running for his age and also on his future prospect.

An Interview With Coach Rameshon

How was POSB Run 2018?

It was a good race and I have got my season best of 39min 55sec for 10km. I am hoping to go to sub-33min for 10km by end of Year 2019.

How was the organisation of the POSB race?

It was organised very well. However, more could be done to improve the race. I shall explain in an article to be written by me.

How is your analysis of Singapore Athletics?

It still has a lot of room for improvement. In the past, the times for races were better, now, we have fallen back and something needs to be done.

How to improve the situation?

We need coaches who has degree in Sports Science to understand the sports well.

Is it possible to do a sub-2hr for marathon in the future?

Yes. Technology will enable it. Times will get faster.

What is your thought about doping?

It is cheating. It gives an athlete who is doping to have unfair advantage over one who does not take. The fact that one wants to dope shows that they are not performing well enough and feel that it is wise for them to take short cut by taking performance drugs, even when they know that it is harmful for their own health in the long term. The athlete who cheats also want the world to know that they are better than the good runners who do not dope.  

What is your advise to runners?

Be consistent in training, and follow the principles of training.  Have believe and unwavering faith!