Rameshon Shares his National Record, Half – Marathon Stories. Posted on November 8, 2018

By Tan Maviviv

Picture 1 – Multiple events National Representative – Between 5000m and marathon. Current National Record Holder

So far, Mr Rameshon has spoken about a number of events. Most of the time he has been talking about marathon. There were other national representations as well that he has run.

Picture 2 – In MOE Olive Run, at veteran age, 5km, he came in as the champion

One of the thing that make me to wonder is on how about the half – marathon race, before he talks about other races. He has not shared much about these races, as he say the he has run it and at that time. All timing the he gives are valid and reliable from races. As Mr Rameshon qualified for Olympics B category, the then SAAA chose a high jumper, Wong Yew Tong and Yvonne Danson to represent Singapore in Olympics. Wong Yew Tong, however, actually did not qualify for Olympics at all but he was given the green light. Yvonne Danson was chosen as she did qualify for Olympics, unlike Wong Yew Tong. 

Till now, many are wondering why Mr Rameshon was not selected for Olympics as he actually qualified for it and instead Wong Yew Tong who did not make the cut for Olympic qualification was allowed to go. No one gave explanation to Mr Rameshon and this is still unanswered, and it is still a mystery for him. Yvonne Danson wanted Mr Rameshon to come along. After the Olympics event Danson told Mr Rameshon that in the first few jumps, Wong Yew Tong was not able clear even the first qualifying height, of 2.10m.


Picture 3 – Singapore International Marathon 1994 December, Local champion and a personal best of 2hr 34min 02sec. National best is 2hr 24min 22sec. 

Then, Mr Rameshon decided to retire as the making it to Olympics was his lifelong target and he had made it. Whether chosen or not, it did not matter, as he knew that the power to decide was not in his hand, as it was left to people who he was not able to communicate. If the qualifying is by merit, he would have continued as it shows validity, reliability and fairness. All he knows is that he had qualified for the Olympics and this is staying in his memory and it is still fresh. 

Picture 4 – At present, the Head Coach of Flexifitness. 

After retirement, he represented Singapore for the half-marathon, as he was still a current national record holder then. He was sent to Sendai. In early 1990s, Mr Rameshon did 1hr 04min in Johore half-marathon and came in second position in the race. N. Ganesan, former national record holder for 5km was there as well. The first position went to M. Ramachandran, 9 gold medalist for SEA Games. It was one of the most spectacular and best performance ever by a Singaporean, with such a very fast time. Till now, I have not heard anyone doing a time of 1hr 04min in my life. It is good for young and old to know all this as this would inspire many to be good for multi-event, instead of being a marathon only. 

Picture 5- At 53 years old, ran in one of the best organised race, where no runner go wrong route, Cougar Cross Country Race 10km and came in 3rd position in Men Open Race, 20 years and above category. 

I will soon write on what happened to Mr Rameshon when he ran in Johore and Sendai half-marathon. Many are awaiting this story and I will write soon.