Results of Cold Storage Run 2018 – Flexifitness Kids Rose to Occasion. Posted on May 20, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

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Picture 1 – A Flexifitness Group Photo together

Today, was the Cold Storage Run 2018. Many of the kids between the age of 6 and 12 took part. Few of the kids did not take part as they had to focus on mid – year exam. However, a fair number of kids turned up to run and complete and compete in the race.


Picture 2 – Boys and Girls who ran the well organised Cold Storage Race

As far as Flexifitness is concerned, the first and foremost thing to do for kids is to complete the race, if possible without stopping, rather than to compete. Only if an athlete is fit enough, our stand is to compete, as well. The most important thing, we believe, is to have fun and enjoy the run. Our tip for the day’s race is to run quite hard at the first part, run steadily hard, all the way, after some time and to run at top speed towards the end of the race. Many were able to do this.


Picture 3 – Photos of Flexifitness athlete’s family showing parent’s support

Quite a number of our athletes came in top 20 in the boys under 12, at least three of them. We suspect three of them, in fact, came in top 10. Daniel Gan, who is in our programme, for phase one running group, came in 5th or 6th. In the past, as I can remember, he joined us for fitness only and he had a hard time coping with endurance, at the onset of the start or beginning of the running programme.


Picture 4 – Our winners, who were top 4 for girls’ race. 

In the under 12 girls category, Laavinia and Annalisa came in 2nd, and 4th overall, and it was confirmed. Vyju and Yashnee came in top 20, unofficially.  Many of our runners ran the other age category and did well too. A number of them did personal best time and they were happy about their performance. We, finally, managed to take a family and group photo together when many wanted to go home. After some photo taking, we went back home with great satisfaction.

Edited by Ashok Kumar