Results of Cougar Cross Country Race 2018 Posted on July 22, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Passionate people in running, Rameshon (left) and Dr Bala (right)

Overall medal tally of Flexifitness was 4 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze. Truly, Dr Bala, President of Cougar Athletics Club, and Vice President of Singapore Athletics, honoured Rameshon, as not only a Current National Record Holder for Marathon, but also a prize winner for Men’s Open, for his coming in third with a time of 34min 45sec, 13sec away from second Men Open winner. The average time was 4min 05sec per kilometre.

Tan Mariviv, in under 20 girls, 4.3km, did 17min 55sec and she broke the previous record by 2 and a half minutes. Laavinia, did 6min 19sec for under 12 girls, 1.6km.

For the prize giving, Rameshon was also called upon to give out the prizes for prestigious Men’s Open and Women’s Open category. He declined to give out the prize for Men Open as he himself was a winner. How can he give prize to himself? So, he gave prizes only for Women Open prize winners.


Picture 2 – Tan Mariviv winning gold for 4.3km race in a time of 17min 55sec.

For me, as a writer, it shows that Dr Bala honours rightfully people who are passion about running and sports. It is good for people to emulate what he had done – to glorify past heroes. Tan Yew Leng, from Nanyang Girls School was asked to come forward to give out the prizes as well.


Picture 3 – Lavinia winning the under 12 girls, 1.6km.

After the whole episode, it was found that all were happy after race as they felt that the race was organised very well, such that it is time that organisers of Singapore Running races can learn how to organise a simple race which has an objective distance and most importantly to ensure all fairness to everyone. There must be transparency, else it is not a race. Cougars Cross Country is a pioneer race for all to see, and we hope that all races will be like that in the long run.


Picture 4 – At age 53, Rameshon still gets a prize for Men’s Open

Several records were broken in the race and that shows how a race organisation can affect positively on runners.


Finally, we would just want to say to Cougar Athletics Club members,” Par excellence organisation and good team work, we got our money’s worth by having run a good competition. keep it up, Cougar!” Well done!

Edited By Tan Mariviv