My Run CSC Half – Marathon Run and Frustration of Runners Posted on October 24, 2018

By Rameshon

Picture 1 – Vincent (left), myself and Tan Mariviv (right)

It is a fact that I have done 5 sub – 2hr 30min marathon timing in my life. Running Half- Marathon races are some of the things that I have done for improvement in marathon timing itself. However, in my journey to improve my marathon timing to 2hr 24min 22sec, I have also done 5km, 10km and 15km races.

Picture 2 – POSB Run – Hot, but it is manageable to run a 10km.

Usually, for 5km and 10km, it is alright for me to run in cool or in the hot weather. As for 10km, I have done a sub-32min, which is 31min 46sec where I was selected for Inter-Varsity Games in England, for 10km track race, which I rejected as it was near my exams. I also have done five sub-33min 10km standard distance in Singapore and it was in hot sun usually. My personal best for 10km in Singapore is 32min 22sec for 10km. All were done when I was below 30 years of age.

Picture 3 – A number of runners, Tan Mariviv and I have experienced running wrong route again.

Hence, it is a fact that I have done numerous half- marathon races, but all were done in cooler weather, not in hot weather. It is my strategy, not to run in this weather , as the reason is physiological in order not to get a slower time. In CSC Run, I did 1hr 46min, where,I think, I could have done 1hr 24min to 1hr 28min, if I ran in a cooler weather, instead, at the present condition. In CSC Run, I was 7th for my age 51 to 59 year old category, for men veteran.

Picture 4 – Cougars Athletics Club – Maintains that going wrong route was not an option for the organisers.

In the recent POSB Run, I did 39min 55sec for 10km. Hence, I thought that it was alright to run in half-marathon in hot sun. I wanted to try. During the run, after 2km, the sun’s ray was very strong and it was scorching.  For the first 7 kilometres, I was doing fine, and was running side by side with Mariviv.

Picture 5- Mariviv came in first for Women Open category, age 18 and 29 years of age. 

At the 9 kilometre mark, I wanted exit the race and quit the race as I found it foolish to run the half-marathon race in this weather. Instead, will be able to continue with our progressive training that is going on, if we had quitted the race. It is all about recovery. If we stop in a race, at 9km, after two days, we can actually go back to our usual training.

However, during the run, there was a miscommunication between Mariviv and I, as she thought that I am allowing her to stop and walk for about 2 min at last 8km. Later on, I told Mariviv to run to complete rather than compete. Throughout the race, I was feeling that the race was going very well and admired the organisation.

Then, came the section when it was about 4-5km left at the F1 pit. A cyclist told us, “The park connector is that side.” The voice was not that audible so I did not really know what he was telling. after 2 min into the run, another guy cycled to us and told us,”The park connector is that side.”

I felt that we may be running through wrong route and I alerted Mariviv but she was very tired to respond. In front of us were about 10 people running wrong route. However, suddenly, we saw a guy running to the route near the reservoir. we decided to follow the guy. Another Caucasian lady took a different route, and she was behind us at first, and suddenly a number of people were in front of us. The lady and few of the runners, just don’t know whether the route is right or wrong. I felt that the race is somehow screwed up, all because of no marshalls at that point and it is a crucial point. A race must be run with the route accurate and organisers must take extra care.

The few, who were earlier in front of us, and who ran the wrong route, ran a longer distance. Also, nowadays, as this “going wrong route” is becoming a norm, it is wise that the organiser, first and foremost to focus more attention on the correct route before even starting the race. I will give my feed back in another blog post on this. Overall, I feel that in this race, can be organised without a glitch This MUST be stopped in Singapore.

Right now, I have spoken to several athletes from our group and outside, and many told their tales of going wrong route. Out of every 10 races, nearly every one, one way or another, have experienced going wrong route and they have vented their frustration to me, fuming.

In this race, we got the timing promptly, immediately, after the race. We could actually type our name or number tag and we could get our own detailed result, net time and gross time as well, with positions included. So, there are things that were done in excellent manner, but the organiser must know that going correct route is a prerogative all runners in a race, as runners have paid the money, else a re-fund is a necessary and right thing to do for the organiser.

Edited By Tan Mariviv!