Ryan Fong Does 9min 10sec for 2.4km Army NAPFA Test

Ryan Fong Does 9min 10sec for 2.4km Army NAPFA Test

Ryan Fong – Has Passion in running from the day I saw him.
Ryan Fong came to see me to improve his running time, 6 months ago. Right from the beginning, I started to focus my attention on his running form. The good thing was that he is an ardent learner. His aim was to get a gold award, by doing at least a 9min 14sec for his 2.4km test. Week before last week, he did 9min 16sec and phoned me to tell me about his new personal best time. He was 2sec away from the gold and he told me that he has another 1 week left for the second 2.4km test, the final one to decide whether he will be able to get gold or not.
I wished him all the best two weeks ago. After  the test, I was pleased to hear that he has got the gold finally, with a new personal best time of 9min 10sec. I told myself that this would be good for people to read and be inspired as he was able to achieve this in such a short – term, with iron determination, even though he was nursing an injury and training at the same time for the past 3months. He was able to adapt his training such that he has come out of injury except for a minor plantar fasciitis strain. Let us hear his answer from the interview questions that I have posed to him.
Picture 1 – Ryan Fong was introduced as an athlete who has done 9min 10sec, thereby  getting a special gold for this.
What was your time in
the past for 2.4km?

It was 9min 55sec

When did you do it?

It  was in June last year. 

When did you start training
with  Team Flexifitness?

Around December 1st

How many months did
you train with us?

It was for 3months

For the next 3months what

I had shin splints

What were the factors
that may have caused this?

I think that it is hill
training. My tendon was injured. 

How has Flexifitness
training helped in your 2.4km quest?

Yes, definitely. I was able to improve
my form. By improving my form, I was better able to maximize my potential in
running. The improvement in my hand and leg technique had given me the
confidence.  I knew that running form will help in running economy and that I could use the oxygen to running rather than for unnecessary movement of the body as mentioned in Dr Ben Tan’s book.

What is award did you

If we do 9min 45sec,
we get normal gold for 2.4km. This is inclusive of the NAPFA test award.

I wanted to get 9min 10sec
which is a commondo/guards grade. The grade was more for combat kind of
vocation. I am very happy with this. 

What is your next gold?

8min 30sec, before I
come out of National Service. 

What is your

I am a Commando officer

When are you
finishing your National Service?

In about 5months

What is your very
long term goal?

Triathlon, ironman. 

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