Saranniya Does 55min plus for Great Eastern Run 2019

Saranniya Does 55min plus for Great Eastern Run 2019

Picture 1 – After the race at Sports Hub

In GE RUN 2019 Saranniya does 55min plus (Season best time)

A day before the Great Eastern Run 10km, Saranniya, 21, messaged Coach Rameshon and told that she is not really prepared for the Great Eastern run. Seeing her recent physical conditioning, Coach Rameshon told her to just do her best.

In September for POSB Run she did a season best time of 58min. Her weight at that time was 55kg. She was very happy with the results. She started training for Great Eastern Run using Coach Rameshon coaching methods. Slowly, she brought the weight down to 49kg. She trained hard for this race.

Yesterday, she did 55min 03sec, an unofficial time. Many friends messaged and congratulated her on her improvement .

We congratulate her for bringing her weight down from 55kg to 52kg and run in the POSB Run 2019. Now she is very happy with her 49kg weight. She is now looking forward to a weight of 45kg and do sub-50min for 10km soon.





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