Shape Run 5km – Tan Mariviv Gets a PB of 20min 26sec Posted on August 20, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Coach Rameshon came to give full support

In the past, Mariviv has been doing a time of 21min or 22min plus for 5km. In Shape Run, yesterday, she did a time of 20min 26sec, yesterday. According to Coach Rameshon, he said,” For the past 6 weeks, Mariviv has been constantly and consistently doing personal best time for different distances. The recent race shows a good progression as the most promising runner of Flexifitness.” We have interviewed her and she has answered me in interview form.


Picture 2 – Tan Mariviv honoured to come in 2nd positon

An Interview With Tan Mariviv

How do you find the race time?

It was good. Under Coach Rameshon, I believe I will keep soaring. This year, I did 5km in 20min 26sec for 5km, in Hong Kong Marathon 10km, I did 41min 30sec, and in 2 XU half-marathon I did 1hr 28min. I would like to thank Coach Rameshon for all my improvement that have been taking place.


Picture 3 – Athletes of Flexifitness

How was your race preparation?

I got used to running uphill and downhill for the race. Coach told me to learn on different terrain and different gradient of the running route.


Picture 4 – Friends of Flexifitnesss

How was your race experience?

As I was second, I lost to Kenyan Susan Kiplagat, who was first. As she did 18m 59sec, I found her a distance away. I could have run faster if someone could have given me a fight, by finding a competitor of my same pace. Overall, I felt that this is good for running under a hot and humid climate. Hoping to run faster the next time, to do 18m 30sec.

How do you find the organisation of the race?

It was good, but the race started about 15min late. There were people blocking me, as the start and finish were the same point. This happened once I was at the 2.8km mark onwards. That slowed down my time a lot till the end. There were also pacers blocking my passageway for running. However, overall, I did enjoy the run and am looking forward to run again.


Picture 5 – Friends of Flexifitness

What is your aspiration?

Seeing this drastic progress this year, it is lucky that I did not join any management companies to manage my things. I feel that Coach Rameshon does managing of my run and overseas trip efficiently with pin point accuracy so that progression is the key. I also feel that since he is the national record holder of local marathon, currently, he will bring me to a higher success and I have faith in him. Now, I have feeling of going Olympics and World classes races, and I am not in a hurry to rush it. Well, the future looks interesting!