Shoes – Benefits Of Having More Training Shoes Posted on January 16, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Adidas, Asics and Nike shoes

A woman runner in her mid – thirties, asked about whether having more shoes is good. She wanted to know whether varieties of shoes are good to wear or having more shoes of one brand is better.

In the gym, she said that many have been giving a number of advise to the point that she gets herself confused. She has told, “My coach is a marathoner.” To this, some replied, “Has he run a triathlon? Has he taken part in Ironman blah blah blah.” One good friend told her to just ask a person who can share all the experiences. That is why I am writing this.

When I was 18 years of age, I used to go for 10-20km runs trice per week with Panir, Swift Club, senior runner and Swift Club was popular at that time. It was always between us and Gurkhas for long distance competitions.

Once, when I finished a run, Panir told me that it is good to have at least two to four pairs of training shoes. He said that one may not give problem, at the onset of wearing, but after a while it does give. Injuries start to appear after sometime. When that happens, it is good to wear another pair. Panir said, “Usually one shoe gives one problem and another gives another problem.” For example, one may give shin pain after two weeks of wearing, while there is disappearance of Achilles’ tendon pain.

Another shoe, irregardless of a brand, may give Achilles’ tendon pain but there is no shin pain. I have seen this and am favourable to suggest to those who want to be good runners to have four pairs of cushion shoes, or at least two, as opposed to having only one. Having one is like ‘kamikaze.’

However, lately, I have found that if you have found a shoe which has not been giving problem, it is wise to get the same type of shoe. I have tested out on shoes. It can make one run in an aligned manner and some shoes do not allow that.

Recently, I told an athlete who is going for seven marathons in seven countries to try purchasing the same set of shoes in order to prevent injury. This will keep the feet aligned, while running  with the shoe.

Maybe, in order to break the monotony of wearing the same shoe, one may consider wearing different colour shoes of the same brand. There are many out there.

The life span of a shoe is about six months to a year depending on the usage. Usually, in my very competitive days, I use it for an average for three months, approximately.

Elite athletes with very high mileage may use one shoe for one to two months. When the shoe is very new, the cushioning capacity for cushion is high and the capacity wears over time with the tonnage of training. 

I have at least twenty athletes that I have known, whose injury left upon wearing the new shoe.

My suggestion to good runner who wants to avoid injury is to buy at least two to four pairs depending on the seriousness of the training. Also, the running shoe must be worn strictly for running and walking, but not for sports. Finally, it is not advisable to loan out shoe as another person’s wearing will change the shape of the shoe. Shoes, just like towels, for shower, should be personal items to be worn by the runner.

Edited by Tan Mariviv