Shoes – To Excel, Technology is key Posted on January 7, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Nike, coming back to where I started off

For journey towards 2hr 24min 22sec, national record, done in Chiang Mai SEA Games 1995, I would like to say that everything all started off with getting the correct shoe. 

In the past, there were Panther running shoes and Puma running shoes, which were quite popular and cheap. One could use it for racer and for training.

Over time, we have Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Asics shoes.

Of the shoes listed above, the shoe that I was sponsored was NIKE. My real hard training started off with Nike Air Pegasus . The reason I took it was for high mileage. As for racing, I was attracted to Nike Elite as it was super light with no cushioning capacity.

Later, I was sponsored by Nike. All sponsors from Nike came unasked and they allowed me to wear my club vest over their advertisement.

For the several 2hr 30min and below, I did 5 races with Nike Elite. At an early onset of my running history, I thank  Nike for being the supporter to bring the best out of me.

I will write the advantages of shoes, in future articles and put it in the blog for the benefit of the readers.

Edited by Tan Mariviv