Shoes – Frequent Running With A Racing Shoe Posted on January 16, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Various Types Of Running Shoes

When I was in Loughborough University doing my degree in Physical Education and Sports Science, in 1992-1994, I was training all the way, the minute I set my foot in England.

From doing 5km per day, I started running between 10km and 16km. Once, I was running in a trail with the cross country team, which was a 20km run.

I thought it was a slow easy long distance run of 20km, but it ended up four minute per kilometer. So, I decided not to do Sunday runs with them but with my own self.

After running for a few months, suddenly, I had pain coming from the bottom of my feet and at the achilles tendon area as well.

There was only one doctor in Loughborough University at that time and it took quite some time to see him. When I saw him, I spoke about my injury. I showed him the Nike racing shoes that I was wearing. The doctor did not even do anything. He immediately told me that I should run with cushion shoe. I told him to suggest to me some medicine and he told me that he would only charge me for consultation fees only. So gracious of him!

My meeting with him was so short, about 5 minutes. Immediately, I went to see my friend in Loughborough Athletics Club, Gordon Reid, former captain of the club and my co-worker for research for my degree dissertation. When I saw his name in Athletics Weekly magazine, it was found that Gordon was Scotland’s fastest youth at that time. He had a personal best for 5km in 14min 47sec at that time, when we were both studying in the university. I told him to show me his Nike shoe, which was very heavy. I decided to get a different color of the same model.

After purchasing the shoe, I realised that the sensation reduced at the achilles tendon area, and I was out of injury for a very long time. Thanks to the doctor’s advise. One of the defensive measures I do to counter, is to inform athletes to change shoes and it works for most of the situation.

What I have learnt from the lesson using racing shoes is that it is more for racing and it should be used once a week instead, not more. To use more, like two days per week, one must be physically more conditioned.

Edited by Mariviv