Shoulder Stand for Running (Salamba Sarvangasana) Posted on March 14, 2018

By Rameshon

Importance of doing Supported Shoulder Stand – The Queen of Yoga

Revitalisation of the Whole Body
During my competitive years, when I was training very hard, one such exercise that facinated me as it gave me boundless energy was none other than the Supported Shoulder Stand. I have mentioned in many instances that the three important pose in Yoga are, namely, Halasana (Plough Stand), Sirshashana Salamba (Head Stand – King of Yoga) and Shoulder Stand. These three exercises were told by Dr Sivananda, a doctor by profession to prevent all forms of sickness and diseases. One would feel energetic throughout the day. It is good to do minimum 1minute to maximum 5 minutes per day. Asana in Sanskrit means posture.

Most of the time, human being are standing and sitting throughout the day before they retire themselves going to bed. When we inverse ourselves for sometime, the blood goes to the extremities and this revitalises the body as a whole. It is important to know the benefits that accrue from the doing Shoulder Stand by doing the exercises on a regular basis. Essential means standing on the shoulder. Particularly, it is good to do this posture in the morning. When I was doing this in my competitive years, all I needed was having 3 hours of sleep. I did not feel tired throughout the day. Hence, it is an important for the young and old to do.

The site below gives an example of Shoulder Stand. It is, however, easier to do the Supported Shoulder Stand. It will be illustrated step by step in the article. However, it is always motivational to find out the benefits of Shoulder Stand before we do the pose. This will give us the added boost to do the pose as it did to me.

Picture 1 – The site below is showing Shoulder Stand posture.


Benefits of Supported Shoulder Stand

1. Strengthens your back and help alleviates lower backaches.

2. Thyroid gland gets working at peak efficiency. Thyroid gland is usually responsible for youthful looks and right weight.

3. Shoulder stand regulates the pituitary gland.

4. Stimulates nerves.

5. Purifies and enriches the blood.

6. Promotes good circulation
7. Gives healthy stretch to all muscles of the neck.

8. It is for people suffering from constipation, indigestion, asthma and low vitality.

Edited By Tan Mariviv