StanChart Marathon – Organisation must improve to attract crowd Posted on December 21, 2017

By Tan Mariviv


Picture 1 – Team Flexifitness at StanChart 2017

Flexifitness came in 12th position in the StanChart Marathon Race for Team Category.

When contacted Coach Rameshon, he said, “Only 30% of our group participated in StanChart Marathon 10km, half-marathon and full. 70% did not run citing the organisation problem as a reason of not running, although I have told there are some improvements made, more needs to be done.”

“Nevertheless, the 30% of the athletes did us proud as four came in TOP 10 in Mens’ Open Stanchart Marathon Race.” “We hope that there is more transparency as only TOP 8 winners were listed and not TOP 10.”

“Our runners from Men, we have 5 who did 3hr 14min and below for the marathon, they are Dr Ashley Liew (2hr 50min, 2nd), Evan Chee (2hr 55min, 3rd), Lim Thow Wee (3hr 09min, 9th), Colin Chua (3hr 10min,10th) and Dr Ansgar (3hr 14min) for the Mens’ Open Marathon.” “Hence, many were able to get a good time despite the heat and humidity on that day.”

On that day, Lim Thow Wee and Colin Chua came in 9th and 10th. They were not able to take the pictures with the TOP 10 winners as the TOP 8 were only featured.

Coach Rameshon had to keep messaging the organisers and only at 12.30pm of 3rd December the results were out that four of our runners were top 10.

Pramod, Coach Rameshon’s friend said that this is a great feat indeed.

Dr Ansgar Cheng came in 1st in 51-59 year old male age group race for the marathon.

Li Ping also came in 9th in 21-29 age group female of a time 3hr 50min.

Tan Mariviv came in 1st in 14-19 year old female for the 10km race, which had lasted 9km full of zig zag running.