Stories From the East – Ego Posted on February 24, 2018

Story of Ego – Stories From The East

By Rameshon

Inspirational Stories- Ego – Comes before failure


Once, there was a master and he gave a practice on silence to his group of inmates, who were staying in a monastry. The silence program was for 3 days. The inmates of the monastry were told to remain silent, which means the inmates were also not allowed to read books and also communicate by sign language, plus they were not allowed to have eye contact with each other, verbally or non-verbally. You can stand or sit beside a person, but there must be no communication. They are supposed to practise silence in a continued fashion for 3 days.

In the monastry, there were some flexibility to the rules as well. The inmates were allowed to go where they want during dawn or dusk for an hour to look at nature.

It so happened that there were three inmates who coincidentally were near to each other, at a seaside, sitting and were looking at the sun setting in the evening. They were looking for half-an hour at first.

Then, one of the inmates spoke suddenly, “What a nice scenery to watch.” Seeing this, the second inmate immediately uttered, “Hey, you have broken the silence rule, you are not supposed to talk.”

Seeing this taking place, the third inmate laughed and said, “Now, the only one who is not talking is me, and I am going to report both of you to our Master.”

Meaning: The ego in a person has made the third inmate to speak out, as he felt better by comparing against the two. Seeing the two inmates talk, at least the third inmate could have kept quite, but he did not. Therefore, he is the same as the other two inmates to break the silence rule. Silence is not easy to follow. How do we know whether our mind is under control, it is good to do a silence test for 3 days and see. It is not that easy!

Edited by Tan Mariviv