Stories On Waiting, a Waste of Time (Part 2)

Stories On Waiting, a Waste of Time (Part 2)

Stories On Waiting, a Waste of Time

True stories on waiting

By Marcel Sng
Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. 

Barack Obama

Waiting is a waste of time –
Recently, a new runner just joined our running group last one and a month ago. As he does not want to be named, I will  call him John.
John just started training last month. I thought he wasn’t a good runner because his workout timings were slow. However I was surprised by his improvement in his workout timings when I was training with him. I realised that his running technique had improved, and now he looked like a natural when running, compared to his ungraceful running posture just a month ago.
I asked Coach Rameshon about John. Coach explained his story in detail and I find that it is a very interesting story.
Coach Rameshon met John about 5 years ago, when he saw John wearing a T-shirt that said Coach Rameshon is the current national record holder and he is a vegetarian. Seeing this Coach Rameshon tapped him lightly on the shoulder and talked to him for a while before telling him that John is bearing the name of Coach Rameshon, himself. John’s idea is to tell people to take up vegetarian.  
Coach Rameshon met John many times around later on, and had many friendly chats but John did not approach Coach for training.
It was only after Coach Rameshon’s athlete, Ashley Liew won the Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 that John decided to come for training, eventually. 
But because of his waiting for too long, John had wasted 5 years.  He could have asked for assistance earlier on. This did not occur to John at that time.  

because of his age, Coach Rameshon found that John is unable to do  certain strength tests,
especially jumping and hopping exercises. 

John’s successive failures in many races has made him lose self-
confidence in himself. John is doubtful of doing sub 5 hours in a
marathon even when Coach Rameshon assures him that he can do a sub
3.30-3.35 in a marathon, using optimistic prediction and his experience as a coach.

After writing a few articles on the topic of waiting, I really feel waiting has led to people wasting their age, time and potential.  To me waiting is not an option.

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