Stories On Waiting, a Waste of Time

Stories On Waiting, a Waste of Time

True stories on waiting

By Marcel Sng
Waiting is a waste of time – 
I met a
runner who joined in our 2.4km running improvement and fitness programme. He
has been with us for nearly 3 months plus. I was told that he has been doing
training for several years and was not able to improve the time for the 2.4km
run time to below 14min. He is now 30 plus years old and reaching 40 in a few
years time. 

When Coach
Rameshon asked him on his training, the former asked the latter on what was the
training in the past about. The newly enlisted runner told that he has been
doing sprint training and was hoping that he could improve the 2.4km time. The athlete felt that the best way to improve the 2.4km time is to train speed. Thus, the athlete, all the more, felt that it is wise to train sprint training for several years. Coach Rameshon
found that after doing sprint training for several years the athlete felt that he, at last, had to sought professional help in order to improve the endurance time, after losing all hope in
running faster for 2.4km. 

When asked
on why he did not seek help in the past, the runner told that he thought that
he still have time to improve in running. This is what I call waiting. I feel that by doing this one’s youth will go and body’s ability to recover will not be as good when one gets older. 

What I
believe is that time and tide do not wait for a person. It is good to do a very
good time, especially at a very young age and not when one is older. Youth is the
best time to do a very good time as one will not be prone to injury as compared to their old self. 

As for me,
as the author, luckily I did not waste my time and I did a 8min 22sec for the 2.4km
run test in school. I had to do a 9 months of structured training to do this. My previous time was 10min plus.

When I heard
the story of this athlete, although he has been improving in running recently,
I felt that this athlete could have improved much earlier if he had not waited and instead should have engaged
professional help. What is supposed to be achieved in 10 years
could be achieved in a year’s time. We should expedite in progressing in our running time
by cutting down our target to a  year instead of prolonging it for 10 years or more by
simply waiting. 

There is a
heavy price to pay for waiting. Time will not be in the hand of the athlete.
Hence for me waiting is not an option!
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