Strength Training – The Actual and Real Purpose Posted on November 8, 2018

By Rameshon

Picture 1- Pull ups for deltoids, pectoral, scapula muscles and it strengthens the  whole hand. 

When I was doing my Masters in Education, in Hwa Chong Institution, I did the Masters programme, as it was conducted by University of Western Australia (2005-2008), there were a number of things I was able to know from the research that I was doing. My research was on Sports Participation.

Why we are doing sports participation is very important. The young and old has to know this. It is not just to perform well in sports. In short, it is to improve the quality of life, an outcome of sports participation, as we will be able to carry things easily, run to the bus on time if late, react fast to an oncoming car and so on. As such, we may not need maid, or nay assistance etc, and solely do our best to rely on our ownselves first before others for help. It is about being independent. Bone strength does improve from sports participation. When you stress a bone, the bone gets stronger. 

Picture 2 – Strengthening programme should start when one is young, for habit forming. 

When we win in competition, strength training does help us to perform better. However, why we do sports is a thing that we need to know before we engage in sports, or else our aspirants who are runners may mistake that the real purpose of doing sports is for glorifing oneself and for showing off. When this happens, the youngsters will start emulating the similar characteristics that the winner chose to follow. It is when ego sets in that the individual will start doing mistakes and end up depressed in life, eventually. 

Picture 3 – Habit for exercise comes starts from young age

The real purpose of doing strength for Sports Participation in life is important for increasing knowledge, as we will rely less on government and on healthcare, the real worry of old people. One’s savings will be easily wiped out and insurance companies will ask for higher premium for hospitalisation etc. From enjoying a good quality of life, gradually, everyone, over time, has to submit to aging. One’s crowing about one’s victory in life becomes meaningless. At that stage of old age, one could age gracefully with strength training. That is why in kids playground, the government has placed modified fitness corner for older people, nowadays. 

If one rely less on people who are outside and be independent physically throughout, the purpose of strength training becomes a success, for the individual and government as well. Else, the government has to spend more than 10 billion in a decade, wiping out our nation’s reserves in the process. Strength training, thus, will enable savings for the individual and the government coffers as well. 

As I have done my research on this, my hope is for one to do the best to exercise once a week at least for strength training so that there is no osteoporosis, eventually, which is the weakening of one’s bone, over time, becoming brittle. As such, one’s quality of life becomes a thing of the past, that is when they were a youth.

Picture 4 – Strength training does help one to run faster. 

During old age, one will feel weak. A simple 20 pushs, 20 sit ups, 20 squats, 30 seconds of superman pose will help an inactive person to be independent, as well as a runner to improve on running, or maintain the speed in running. If the runner wants to run faster, he or she can do a gradual, progressive and structured programme for strength training.

However, it is important to know that, finally, all has a chance of being bedridden, and strength training does retard or slow down the process of aging, allowing to one to feel a bit more youthful. I have heard that my grandmother,when she was really old, as she entered the toilet she just fell down and died, without any form of suffering, and she has lived to her ripe old age. This is what I call stay fit to die fit, without suffering much. I hope that all can attain this.