Tan Mariviv does 42m 55sec for Gold Coast Marathon 10km race Posted on July 2, 2018

By Pramod


Picture 1 – Tan Mariviv Does Proud for Team Flexifitness

Tan Mariviv, 18, has been training for Gold Coast Marathon 10km for the past few months. She just did the 2XU Half- Marathon 2018 race in 1hr 28min, few weeks ago, coming in fourth overall for women open category. As this is her third time doing sub – 43min for 10km, we find that it is good to interview her on her road to continuous improvement in running. We hope that you benefit from reading her interview.

An Interview with Tan Mariviv

Why did you take part in this race?

There is a parent from our Flexifitness group, who recommended to Coach Rameshon, suggesting that I should try out the 10km route in Gold Coast as it is generally flat. Coach told me to give  it a try.


Picture 2 – Before the start of the race

What is your personal best time for 10km?

My personal best time for 10km is 41min 30sec done in the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon 2018.


Picture 3 – Just before the start of the race

How do you feel about the timing in this race?

As I am young, I am happy with the time I have which is 42min 55sec but also a little disappointed, but not too much, as I did not hit my targeted time. When I was running, during the race, some breathing problem came and the cold air prevented proper inhalation of air. Fortunately, Coach Rameshon was pushing me to continue running and not to give up. I wanted to stop at one point, but luckily I continued, and happy that I just did that. Overall, I am satisfied with my performance although there is more to work on.

How does your coach feel about your race time?

He finds it a reasonable time, even though targeted time was not achieved, he mentioned that he himself, in the past, did not have much experience running in the cold, before breaking the national record for the marathon. Running in a cold climate has taught him to respect the weather and to experience by racing more in the weather. He say that I am young and will still need to race more in a number of specific cool climate races.


Picture 4 -Feel worthy with finisher medals

How did you feel when you knew your timing of the race, after the race on the day itself?

After finishing the race, when the timing was given to me on the day itself, through the website, I felt elated to do a sub-43min for 10km. In fact, at the last stretch, I had to sprint so that I do not do above 43 min. I am happy that I crossed the line by doing a sub- 43min.

How was the organisation of the race?

It was well organised, every 1km could be seen,  although the markings could be bigger. The route was generally flat which makes it easier to run. Starting Pen was not too crowded compared to other races I have run. The distance was also accurate not like some other races which is off.


Picture 5 – Going back after race

What difficulties you faced from this race?

As mentioned earlier on, I found that for me, it is difficult to breathe. It is not breathlessness but rather the cold air went through my throat, which I am not used to the cold weather much, with a lowered humidity here in Gold Coast. As for Hong Kong 10km 2018, it was about the same kind of temperature, but I could still manage it.

I also threw away my gloves away at the start of the race, thinking that it would be alright but no, my whole body was numb in the middle of the race, as mentioned, not used to the weather. I started to slow down and after about 7km. Fortunately, my Coach passed me a cup of water to drink, feeling that I must have been dehydrated. I suddenly felt much better all of a sudden and started to run a little faster, probably my throat was feeling some discomfort.