Tan Mariviv Does 3hr 44min 26sec In Chiengmai Marathon 2018 – Part 2 Posted on December 28, 2018

By Rameshon

Picture 1 – Before the start of the race

Midnight races are good as it is cooler to run in a temperate climate. I myself will not run in races like Sundown Marathon, although I support any races which has competition in it. However, to run in the race, it is pointless if one feels sleepy halfway during the race. Conditioning is good so that one will do well in the race.

Mariviv has successfully run, doing a time of 1hr 38min at the halfway mark, while running the whole 2018 Chiangmai Marathon in 3hr 44min 26sec. At the last 10km, with the speed that she was going, I thought that she will end up doing 4hr for the race. My only hope was that she hit sub-4hour, as we already have about 5 ladies, from our group, who has done sub-4hours for the marathon as a personal best, if you look at the past.

Having said that, Mariviv has been given this this interview that will help all those who have run in Sundown Marathon and it will help one to run races which starts at 1am or 2am, like in Chiangmai Marathon the race started early in the morning. She will also answer all other subjects like water points, crowd support, safety etc.

An Interview With Tan Mariviv

What do you think about running at 1am in Chiangmai Marathon race?

Two things, one is I was about to run at 1am. However, in Singapore it is 2am. At this kind of time, I knew that I will be sleeping. Earlier, I thought it was easy to be awake at this time. Coach Rameshon warned me about starting to run at 2am. I have done projects and I have survived. However, only when I ran the race, I realised that especially towards the end, about 8km, I was feeling sleepy.

What did you do to correct this?

I was told that the race will start at 1am about 2 weeks before the race. So, I realised that I had to do something. I decided to stay awake in my house by making myself aware as much as possible. It shows it worked a little.

Did you have any problem in the race?

It was obviously like a jet lag situation, where the body clock switches off as it is a usual routine that I had conditioned to sleep at a certain time. At the last 8km, I could feel that I was not able to focus well. However, the conditioning few days before the race made me strong enough to resist sleep. It was fortunate that Coach Rameshon alerted me on this. He said that most of the runners won’t do well as sleep is very important for performance. I was thankful for the advice given.

Do you really think that sleep will be affected in a midnight run?

That goes without saying. In the race, I learned new things. The Kenyan runners did not do well in the race. Even before the race, they were seen yawning and I can see them feeling sleepy. However, I was feeling sleepy and I was raring to go. If I did not do the conditioning practise taught by Coach Rameshon, I would not have done well in the race.

How was the drink points?

There were many drink points. However, it seems that they had stocks of Gatorade drinks. But in the race, the isotonic coverage was not that visible. I was getting it at two of the points before I reached 30km mark where I got another Gatorade drink. The bad news was, earlier in the race, I was only getting water for drink stations. Perhaps the organisers could take note and to do something about this as it involves cramping situation as I saw a number of runners getting cramps, and some were severe ones.

How do you find the course?

Generally flat, but there are slopes in some parts of the run. It was an interesting route to run. The only problem in the race is that the route had some road which was not levelled. Overall, it was a great terrain to run on.

What is your suggestion on the race?

Perhaps, they could put the race at midnight or 4am, instead of 1am.

What made you to run in this race?

I wanted to experience completing the race and I was really not interested on the time. By knowing the feeling, I hope to take marathon seriously about 4 years from now. Although I had only about 4 weeks to train, I was happy that I could finish and complete the marathon without stopping.

Do you feel like coming back for 2019 Chiangmai Marathon?

As I have mentioned, I am only interested in running 800m to half-marathon. So, I am not considering Chiangmai Marathon for now. All I want to say is that if one wants to run a marathon in Chiangmai, one must be conditioned by staying at midnight to morning at least once a week, 2 months before the race. Take note that many good runners did not do personal best because of this and the winning time was not that fast. It is all because of sleep being affected. I learn that even top runners will be affected with this condition of running at 1am.

How do you find the weather there?

It was cooling to run as it was fluctuating between 20 and 22 degrees centigrade, but the humidity level was as high as Singapore’s.