Tan Mariviv Does 3hr 44min In Chiengmai Marathon 2018 – Part 1 Posted on December 24, 2018

By Rameshon

Picture 1 – Before Race

Mariviv has done several personal best timing for her running. From 100m, doing a time of 13.3sec, she is also capable of running a marathon and finish it in 3hr 44min. As she has done a number of personal best timing, for different distances, for the first time, she was suggested by me to run in the marathon.

For me as a coach, I find that I just wanted her to have taste of completion and to experience for the first time and not to exert. Moreover, she wanted it badly to run as she is keen in a marathon. As I have spoken to her, she knows that running 800m and 1500m is important, she has decided to do time trials of Flexifitness as she find that the Track Series are not attractive enough for her as they do not have league kind of system to compete in races. Sometimes, it is geared towards schools and clubs.

As Mariviv has run and completed her run in sub – 4 hours and it is her first experience, I find that people will benefit from her interview. By me asking her questions she will answer how she felt about the race before, during and after. I have written it in an interview form.

An Interview With Tan Mariviv

Picture 2 – Mariviv’s race result

What is your age now?

My age is 18.

What are your personal best timing for 100m to the marathon?

100m – 13.3s 200m – 26.9s 300m – 43s 400m – 59.9s

800m – 2m 24 1500m – 4m 57s 2.4km-8m 45s 5km – 20m 11s

10km – 41m 30s Half – Marathon – 1hr 28m Marathon – 3hr 44m 37s

Is this your first time running in the Chiengmai Marathon 23/12/2018?


What made you to take part in Chiengmai Marathon?

I find there are a lot of agony during the marathon race. As I have not run a marathon race, there was this feeling in me to run the race and experience the discomfort so that my mind will become strong later on.

How was the route of the race?

It was basically flat throughout, but some parts were hilly as it seems like a mini cycling stadium, as the hill was sloping toward the outer land, and it seems the route is not as flat. The route is tarmac all the way. There were some parts where the route was undulating and not levelled.

Can you share with us on your splits of the course?

I did 45m 30sec for first part of the 10km of the marathon race. At 18km, I felt too tired from negotiating the flat which was sloping, and a bit hilly on the outside of the road lane. Partly by getting tired of this, I actually wanted to stop the race and wanted to come back here next year here to do. It was from here that I started to slow down more.

Towards the half-marathon I did 1hr 38min 16sec. From then on, I was running slower and was trying continue running all the way. At 39km only, I come to find out that I was on target for a sub-4hours for the marathon. At last 1 km, I told myself to run as fast as I can to do at least 3hr 45min. Towards the last stretch, 60m away from the finish, I was very happy to see the 3hr 44min and 25sec. I decided to speed up as much as possible to do the sub-3hr 45min. When I knew that I have done it, I was very happy and felt euphoric about my run.

What made you to do well?

I have been training for the Flexifitness Tuesdays and Thursdays night training programme, and it has helped me a lot .

What is your key message to those wanting to do well in running?

Waiting is not an option. As young as between the age of 18 and 22, it is good to try out the marathon, and know what is expected. In order to run a marathon, willpower is needed. From the experience, one can keep training hard to progress in running. It is good to do reflection and keep improving one’s timing.

What is your feeling now?

As a sub-4 hour runner, I feel that many out there, if they are trained with a proper structured programme, they will be able to do the sub – 4hours. Next, I am aiming to do a 3hr 30min and hopefully, I would like to do what Rameshon Murugiah (which is the current national record holder) has done, a 2hr 24min 22sec. I believe that by coaching guidance given, as I feel blessed to get it, anything is possible?

What is your advice to ladies out there, who are 18 years and above?

Yesterday, I have experienced and realised that to run 100m to a half-marathon is much easier than running a marathon. A marathon is unpredictable. For the first time, I have come across intense pain that I did not get from running other events, like 5km and 10km or the sprints. Especially, towards the last 8km, the pain was unbearable such that I had to take baby steps to run.The good thing is that I did not allow my negative feeling, going through the very intense pain, when I hit the wall, at last 8km, to deter me from finishing the race.