Tan Mariviv – An Interview -First Half – Marathon in 1hr 28m 13s Posted on April 17, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur



Picture 1 – Mariviv after her Hong Kong StanChart Race 2018

Having written about Tan Mariviv, 18, on her journey to improve in running, I actually asked her to share on her improvement in running performance, for training, strategies and tactics and performance direction, objectives, aims and goals. Please look forward for it. 

An Interview With Tan Mariviv

How many times have you run the half and full marathon?

Full marathon, I have not run at all, as for half-marathon, it is the first time for me to run.

Why did you choose the 2 XU Race?

Coach Rameshon told me that it is good to run as it is generally well organised.


Picture 2 – Mariviv with Rameshon before the 2XU Rrun 2018

What was your target?

As mentioned before, I did not want any kind of pressure and stress and wanted to just complete the half-marathon race in a reasonable time, that is all. So, Coach Rameshon and I planned for 1hr 40min. Although it is a reachable and practical target, I felt that if I get a 1hr 40min, I would be very happy.

Can you tell us your splits?

For the first 500m, I reach the mark at 2min 08sec and felt very comfortable, and I sustained this pace with Coach Rameshon alongside me. At 1km mark, I did 4min 08sec, and then decided once and for all, not to look at the watch and to run a steady state all the way for half-marathon. At 5km/6km mark, I was intending to push the pace, but decided not to as Coach Rameshon told me to back off, and run slightly slower. Somewhere at the last 5 to 6 kilometre marker the fourth in position women open runner suddenly stopped, and I was fourth all the way from the 16km mark.

I felt elated and the 3rd individual position for women open was about 30m in front me. As I was not experienced enough, I could feel my legs getting tired and I kept running as fast as I could to get a good comfortable time. Eventually, a lady was about to overtake me at the last 1km onwards. I kept pushing myself. As the lady was about to overtake me, fortunately I was at the last 200m. I decided to give what I could for the last 200m. Coach Rameshon saw the time as 1hr 28min and told me, ” Mariviv, it is 1hr 28min, raise your hands to celebrate.” I raised my hands to celebrate the occasion. Once finished, I realised that I was actually fourth, instead 6th or 7th and the organiser told that I missed by one position for podium finish, 1min 07sec away.

How do you feel?

I am happy and I am motivated to train more. I was very surprised and could not believe my eyes on the achievement of getting a sub – 1hr 30min.


Picture 3 – With some of Flexifitness teammates after the run

Who did you dedicate your race to?

Quite a number of them. Firstly, to God, to my parents, to my coach and team Flexifitness and well wishers.

What is your suggestion for the race?

It is important to put water points near where the runners run, not about 20 to 30 m such that they have run out of the way to get water, otherwise excellent work by the organisers. Overall, a job well done, by the organisers.

How about the route?

Although a winding course with some officials not there, but cones were there to make up for the run. The winding course took some of my time. My garmin shows it is 20.43km though.

What is your advice to young runners?

Train hard and at the same time it is wise to have someone, like a coach to plan and monitor one’s progress in running.


Picture 4 – Mariviv running on the 2XU Run

How about your support that day?

A couple of Flexifitness runners did support us and I was happy with them.

What is your next step?

I will let coach Rameshon to plan and I want to continue training no matter what happens. My long term plan is to run the Hong Kong 10km again to do a sub – 40min in the race.