Tan Mariviv Does SB of 5min 12sec for 1500m Posted on September 3, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Tan Mariviv was jubilant after today’s Flexifitness 1500m Time Trial doing 5min 12sec, season best time. 

 Tan Mariviv has a personal best of 1500m time of 5min 07sec, done in the past, about a year ago. With Coach Rameshon’s foresight, she was told to increase in stamina training such that she needed to do half-marathon, and then 10km, and later on do a 5000m. Her season of long distance is going to finish as she is concentrating on 1500m for now. She has 1hr 28min for 2XU Marathon, and she was fourth in women open category, and has a personal best time of 41m 30sec for 10km, done in Hong Kong Marathon 2018 event day, coming in second for women junior, for under 20 years of age. 


Picture 2- Second Position, after Kenyan Susan Kiplagat in Women Open 5km race, in Shape Run 2018 

After doing 5km of 20m 26sec, two weeks back, coming in 2nd overall individual, for Women Open category for 5km, in Shape Run. Unsatisfied she agreed to Coach Rameshon for another time trial. She was given few days later and she did 20min 13sec on Wednesday, after Shape Run. Moreover, it was fortunate that, this time, she did 5min 21sec for 1500m as a first trial of the seven 800m/1500m time trial she is aiming to do. Today, in Flexifitness time trial, she did 5min 12.42sec, and cut 9sec from the  season best time.

In the 1500m trial today, her first 500m was on target for a 5min 05sec, but she got tired in the second 500m as she had to negotiate a hill, losing few seconds. Towards the end, not wanting to let the time trial to go to waste, she pushed and sprinted and did 1min flat for the last 300m, having done 4min 12sec for the 1200m. She felt jubilant and was happy and is hoping to do another personal best and feels that this time she is ready to do a sub-5min, 1500m soon, and get a big personal best soon.

I interviewed her and she have answered, and for the public’s benefit I am writing this here.

An Interview With Tan Mariviv

What is your next race?

POSB Run 5km, this Saturday!

How many 5000m/1500mtime trials are left?

I believe there are some trials done mainly for 5km. This is the first time I am doing a series of them, and the focus is 1500m for now. It may be 800m later on and I leave it to Coach Rameshon to decide the plan. Knowing him he always changes the training plan to suit the training plan specifically for me and in that way I look forward to his training, and over time, I feel that  am not in any way going to get any burnt out sensation.

What is your next plan?

I have few plan, Hong Kong Marathon is one of my agenda as I have a liking for marathon. We will see how it goes.

Are you aiming for any SEA Games or Asian Games trial?

Absolute no, for now and in the near future.

What is your strategy for now?

Keep training for fitness and to ensure not to fall sick or get any kind of diseases, if possible, this is the best kind of insurance for me. To be fit throughout life. If I have to win, it is a chance happening and I do not get attached to awards and prizes. The latter things are not in my agenda.

How about Olympics?

Coach Rameshon was an Olympic qualifier and I have trust in him to bring me far and I am patient of his steps. The vital thing for me now is to do what is needed and not to miss out on important things. All the while, it has been up, up and up on my performance since the day Coach Rameshon has started focusing on my training, especially after April this year. Whether I am focused or not is something I do not know, but he has mentioned that I am focused. However, I do not want to be complacent on this and would like to follow the things Coach ask to do, word for word, and not to miss out on anything.

What is your advise to young people?

Do not look for rewards and the timing improvement can be a reward itself. By going countries, representing and running for state does not mean that you have improved. We must understand this simple truth. Also, one needs to practise patience, including me.

What is the time that you are aiming for 1500m in the near future?

Keep reading this blog and you will find the answer soon. All I want say is I do not want to limit myself.