Tan Mariviv – 20min 13sec, 5km, PB time in Flexifitness Time Trial Posted on August 24, 2018

By Pramod Kukanur


Picture 1 – Tan Mariviv has been improving her time between 5km and 21km, consistently. 

Tan Mariviv, in the past, when she was 13 years of age, wanted to see Coach Rameshon run. At that time, for one whole year, Coach Rameshon played games during Physical Education but he did not run at all in training and he did not go for races. He wanted to relax for sometime, at that time, when Mariviv had asked the question,  he did not tell Marviv that he had won the Stanchart Marathon 2008, at the age of 43, in Men Open, besides being the National Record Holder, and has started to take it easy, at that time.


Picture 2 – Coach Rameshon believes in gradual improvement in running  

After hearing Marviv telling him to train, Coach Rameshon slowly started back doing easy runs. Right now, he is, according to Mariviv, capable of doing 32min to 34min 10km in 3 to 9 months time. Such is his fitness now.

In yesterday’s time trial, Coach Rameshon ran a moderate run with Mariviv, who felt that she did not pace herself well in Shape Run and wanted the latter to learn how to do pace judgement. In the time trial, she was told to go for it and she did a 13sec improvement, as compared to the Shape Run timing of 20min 26sec.

So said Coach Rameshon,”Mariviv today, really mustered and garnered all her energy to stay focus during the time trial and went for the time, as she felt that she could have run a faster time in Shape run. She is satisfied now. Mariviv is finally about to cross the threshold of sub -20min and is getting much faster over time.”

I have put up an interview for her, and I hope that all will enjoy reading her interview.


An Interview With Tan Mariviv

Were you happy with Shape Run result?

As for coming second position overall for women open for 5km, I was happy, but for the training I have done, Coach Ramehson and I feel that the time could be faster. That was why I wanted another time trial again.

How was your time trial?

I ran a bit fast from the start and did the first 1km in sub-3min 40sec and ran steady state, but I had to negotiate 3 hills. Coach told me that he has used this route to develop several top runners of the past. He said that the next time a sub – 20min is possible and I believe him also.

Are you happy with this result?

Right now, I am happy. I took a break today on my diet and helped myself on the food I could enjoy as a reward. I believe still that much faster timing is on my way over time and I just want to be patient.

Can you tell us about your plan?

For now, I just want to stay fit and healthy. If I can run faster than my personal best time, then, that is what I am aiming for. My ultimate focus is to keep training under Coach Rameshon, as I believe that he can show light to journey in running. I have already read about so many athletes have dropouts, even those who have gone World Championships. Top world class race, for me, does not matter. All I care is on how to make myself excellent in running. For the past 4 months, I have been doing frequent personal best for different distances ranging between 5km and 21km.

Can you share with us on Coach Rameshon’s training?

His approach is similar to Arthur Lydiard, full of physiological ways to do things, with knowledgeable good explanation and research support also, and with his experience, he gives me the method to run faster. He also makes it interesting and he keeps changing the venue of my run. There is no monotony in training, I keep learning, experiencing new things, enjoying training all the time and I always look for forward to the next training. If I am going to be burnt out, Coach will know and he will give me more rest and will also tell to take a break. So far, my motivation in running is on its way up.

What is your next target?

For now, Coach told me that I can do the impossible and to be patient. I just want to improve bit by bit. I am not in a hurry to chase opponents but I will start to  chase timings and hopefully I can emulate what Yvonne Danson, who has once worked with Coach Rameshon, and has done, in the past,  2hr 30min and 2hr 34min for the marathon, under her England coach.